Christmas gag gifts make the festival more colorful, joyful and memorable. In this article, check out some homemade Christmas gag gifts. These are sure to add mirth and joviality to your celebration.

Christmas Gag Gifts

Christmas is one of the major festivals, rejoicing the birth of the Jesus Christ. A time for celebration and enjoyment, this festival has an intrinsic charm and charisma that makes it one of the most popular festivals celebrated worldwide. The whole family comes together for Christmas, making it a sweet family celebration. Exchanging gifts is a traditional activity that takes the core of Christmas celebrations. Gifts have sentimental feelings attached to them and showcase the love and concern of the giver. This Christmas, instead of treading the usual path and giving a traditional gift, present your near and dear ones with gag gifts. Christmas gag gifts make the festival funny and add laughter and mirth to it. They are unique in their own right and come with a perfect cover that would deceive the receiver till the time he/she opens the gift. The nature of gag gift depends on the kind of relation you have with the person. If you are planning to give a gag gift at your work place, make sure it is decent. It is advisable not to give gag gifts to people with whom you share a very formal relation. This could be your boss, in laws or teachers. A great way to personalize Christmas gag gift is to make it on your own. All you need to do is pool out your creative juices and voila! Handmade Christmas gag gifts are ready! Check some ideas for the same.
Homemade Christmas Gag Gift Ideas
Christmas Elf Poop
Materials Required
  • Sandwich Bag
  • Some red and green Candies (small)
  • Plain papers
  • Scissor
  • Put some red and green candies in the sandwich bag to be the “poop”. The number of candies will vary according to the size of the bag. If you want to include more variety, you can always go ahead. Also, add colorful sprinkle specially meant for Christmas. You can also use some edible glitter.
  • Take a print out of the elf poop poem. Cut it out in the desired shape, fold it and staple it on the top of the bag.
Phantom Ghost Letter Surprise
Material Required
  • Some Colorful Treats
  • Ghost Signs
  • Letter
  • Write a letter of your choice and take its print out. Take some colorful treats and draw some ghost figure onto each one of them. Put all these ghost treats in the bag.
  • You can keep this letter on someone’s door without letting them to know who have kept it.
Christmas Snowman Poop
Material Required
  • Sandwich Bag
  • White Candies
  • Plain Paper
  • Scissor
  • Take a handful of white candies and put them in the sandwich bag to be the “poop”. White candies can be marshmallows too. Add colored sprinkles or glitter. If you don’t want to go with edible, try white pom-poms or sequins of snowflake shape.
  • Get print out of any snowman poop poem, cut it and fold it to staple it on the top of the bag
The above listed ideas are sure to help you make a nice and funny Christmas gag gifts. Enjoy the fun and frolic!

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