“Dad”, “civic”, and “kayak” are common examples of one word palindromes. Discover a list of some famous palindrome phrases and sentences with this write up.

Palindrome Examples

Consider these words and numbers - racecar, eye, Anna, 353, 2002, 747. Do you find any commonality between them? Or how about “Do geese see God?” and “Never, odd or even”? What similarity do you find in them? They all read the same backwards as they read forward. Surprised? You sure would be. Though you must have heard and read words and numbers that read the same way from either direction, discovering such phrases, sentences, and poems is something that will surely baffle you. Palindrome is the term that describes such puzzling and mysterious examples. In a layman’s language, a palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or a sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction, whether forward or backwards. To tickle you bones and give you a funny laughter, we present you some popular examples of palindromes.
List Of Palindromes
Palindrome Words
  • Level
  • Pop
  • Rotor
  • Civic
  • Madam
  • Nun
  • Radar
  • Toot
  • Deed
  • Alula
  • Mom
  • Noon
  • Reifier
  • Rotator
  • Sexes
  • Tenet
  • Evitative
  • Malayalam
  • Aibohphobia
  • Pip
  • Stats
  • Testset
  • Repaper
  • Redivider
  • Tattarrattat
  • Solos
  • Refer
  • Minim
  • Dewed
  • Cammac
Short Palindrome Phrases
  • Was it a rat I saw?
  • Oh, cameras are macho.
  • Never ever even.
  • Madam, I’m Adam.
  • So many dyanmos!
  • Live not on evil.
  • Murder for a jar of red rum.
  • Go deliver a dare, vile dog!
  • Some men interpret nine memos.
  • A man, a plan, a canal - Panama!
  • Art, name no tub time. Emit but one mantra.
  • As I pee, sir, I see Pisa!
  • Dammit, I’m mad!
  • Enid and Edna dine.
  • God! A red nugget! A fat egg under a dog!
  • Hey, Roy! Am I mayor? Yeh!
  • Live no evil! Live on evil!
  • Stressed? No tips? Spit on desserts.
  • Too bad I hid a boot.
  • Yo banana boy!
Palindrome Places
  • Ward Draw (South Dakota)
  • Navan (Ireland)
  • Capac (Michigan)
  • Kanakanak (Alaska)
  • Neuquen (Argentina)
  • Wassamassaw (South Carolina)
  • Glenelg (Australia)
  • Lon Nol (Vietnam)
  • Renner (South Dakota)
  • Semmes (Alabama)
Long Palindromes
  • T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad. I’d assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot-toilet.
  • Name no side in Eden, I’m mad! A maid I am, Adam mine; denied is one man. Name not one man.
  • Do good? I? No! Evil anon I deliver. I maim nine more hero-men in Saginaw, sanitary sword a-tuck, Carol, I — lo! — rack, cut a drowsy rat in Aswan. I gas nine more hero-men in Miami. Reviled, I (Nona) live on. I do, O God!
  • POW, ami! O’ Gad, ami! Go hang a salami, doc! Note; I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod. I’m a lasagna hog. I’m a dago! I’m a wop!

Did the above listed palindromes rubbed your creative spirit and motivated you to create your own set of palindromes by playing with words? If yes, then our motton has been solved!

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