Candy decoration is a blend of fun, flavor and color. These candy decoration ideas will help you sprinkle color on the desserts that set the tone for your party!

Candy Decoration

Christmas, New Year, Birthday or Valentine Day—all are incomplete without the much awaited cakes, ice creams, cookies and candies. Frosted, colored, delicious, sweet, glossy, jelly and chocolaty—all images pop up in our minds with the mention of the word ‘candy’. Candies are the spirit of your desserts; be it cakes, waffles, cupcakes, ice cream, caramelized apples, doughnuts, pancakes or cookies. They add life to your saccharine cuisine. There are bushels of candy assortments that are available these days. Lollipops, malted or jelly beans, chocolate candy, bubble gums, sugar free hard candy, gummy bears, waffle cones, candy floss, licorice, M&Ms as well as chocolate nuggets are the chosen ones. Anything and everything will taste divine if made of these candies! Now when the winter chill has spurted the series of festivities, here are fabulous candy decoration ideas for every celebration! Create your own ‘Chocolate Factory’ and please your taste buds with the help of these exciting ideas and a generous dose of your creativity.
Candy Decoration Ideas
Candy Decoration On Cakes
Catch all the different candies that are available. Candy hearts, skittles, pixisticks, jelly beans, gummy bears, lemon heads, peppermint candies, chuckles, candy corn, candy lipsticks, candy buttons, chocolate nuggets, starburst candies and the licorice will all serve the purpose. If it’s your kid’s birthday, then you can build the outline of a pirate or princess using jelly beans, pixisticks, licorice or any other candy combination. You can decide a different theme if it’s an adult’s birthday. There are tiny Christmas decorations like the snowman, Christmas tree, angels, Santa, stockings, reindeer; Halloween decorations like witch hats, pumpkins, brooms, etc., and other such famous festival characters that are also available. Place the candies on the cake frosting while it’s still little wet and create the pattern you want. You can border the cake with some fun colored licorice.
Candy Decoration With Vases
Get some transparent vases from your local craft store. Choose some colorful hard candies and layer the bottom of the vase with the candies of one color. Once you are done with it, add the next candy layer but choose a color that complements the first. You can use jelly beans, M&Ms and chocolate nuggets and keep adding the layers till you reach the top. Place it on your coffee table or the study table of your kids.
Candy Display On Bowls
Fill in interesting candy combinations on clear bowls and keep them as an all-time favorite option to offer kids and guests. Pick up ideas based on the interiors of your house or the festival at hand or even the season that’s on. For example, you can fill in a mix of all colors during the spring time or a combination of red skittles and white button candies during Christmas. You may also try the candy hearts and chocolate nuggets during Valentine. Embellish the canisters with a band of ribbon, and then sprinkle the table area around them with edible candy confetti.
Candy Tree
Decorating a Christmas tree can be real fun with the enchanting candy decorations that children will love to help create. Candy canes, gumdrops, and peppermints become Christmas tree accessories with snowmen, reindeer, cottages and much more. You can use gumdrops, ribbon candies, gummy worms, sour tape and other gummy candies to assemble into ornaments. Cut the candies with a plastic knife to expose their sticky interiors and fix snowmen, Santa, carolers, birds and more.
Candy Wreath
Make a ring out of a wire and attach hard candies to it by fixing their wrappers. Stick to a color scheme and/or a flavor theme to make a candy wreath look well-crafted. Choose the candies and the ribbons that go well with the theme chosen. Go vibrant with your imagination and create your own candy wreath. It’ll be all the more fun if you attach a small pair of scissors somewhere in between for the ease of the devourers.

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