Is your gang of girls planning to organize a unique and memorable party? What is better than a sleepover party then? In this article, check out slumber party games for girls.

Sleepover Games For Girls

Who doesn’t love partying? They are always great to have lots of fun and frolic with friends and closed ones. Nowadays, theme and concept parties have become the talk of the town. Right from having a princess-themed party to a pirates and even the slumber party, the options are endless. Talking about sleepover or slumber party, it is when the host of the party invites friends and relatives at his/her residence home for an over night stay. Sleepover parties, also known as pajama parties, are absolutely entertaining as the guests have the entire night to indulge in fun and frolic. Both boys and girls love to have these parties, as it gives them a great opportunity to share time with their best buddies, which explains as to why sleepover parties are becoming very common these days. While for boys, its hardcore fun, girls find sleepover parties as the best way to make beautiful and everlasting memories. Every girl wants to make her sleepover party unique and most enjoyable. From invitations to food, she wants everything to have a unique and attractive touch. A sleepover night can be made more fun by including a variety of exciting games. In case you too are organizing a slumber party and looking for some games to include in your party night, read through the following lines.
Slumber Party Games For Girls
Truth & Dare
This is the most popular game among girls to be played at sleepover parties. For this, let all the girls sit in a circle. Take any object that has a pointed side. Now, rotate the object. Whichever girl does the pointed side of the object points out to, has to choose between truth and dare. If she takes up truth, she has got to reveal some deep hidden secret of hers and if she takes up dare, she has got to perform something daring. The punishment is given by other girl participants. The game can be absolute fun when played with full spirit. Also, it allows you to know more about your friends.
Sleeping Beauty
This is a very funny game. Girls make a bed like arrangement and set a specific time period of say about 2-3 minutes. During this time period, a girl has to pretend sleeping on the bed. Other girls have to do activities to wake the girl up. The activities can be singing silly songs, teasing, cracking funny jokes and so on. But despite of all these disturbances, a girl has to continue sleeping for that time period. If she fails, she is out. The girl who becomes successful in doing the same will be designated as “sleeping beauty”.
Guess the Word
Arrange some index cards and write some names on each card. They can be names of anything. Divide the total girls into the team of two and ask them to sit face to face. Stack the cards, each girl will come and pick the card. The girl will give the clue to her team mates to guess the word written on the card. The team which successfully guesses the word in a specified time gets a point. The team with maximum points wins.
Glow Hunt
Get some “glow in dark” objects and hide them in some portions of your house. Now set a particular time period and switch off the lights of the house/room. Ask each of the girls to find as many glow objects as she can in the set time period. The girl who manages to find the maximum number of objects wins the game.
Ask girls to bring one of their favorite pictures. Buy a big frame and decoration stuff. With all the stuff available, each one has to make a beautiful and innovative photo frame and put her favorite picture in it. Every time you will see the photo frame, memories of the sleepover party would flash past. Another option is to club all the photos and make a collage out of it. Just ask everyone to bring their favorite photos in a removable disk drive. Collect all the snaps in your system and rack your brains to make a collage out of them. You can also include photographs which you clicked of the ongoing party. When the girls get ready to leave your house the next morning, surprise them by giving each of the girls a printout of the collage created the previous night.  
Excited to host a sleepover party the coming weekend? With this list of slumber party games for girls, make your night a blasting, lively and enjoyable one! Have fun!

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