Collages almost always translate to a whole lot of fun and that is something you probably already knew. Gallop through this article to know more on the different kinds of collages.

Types Of Collages

If you are willing to listen to the child in you, then agreeing to the fact that collages are nothing but fun shouldn’t be much of a problem for you. However, if you choose to be a stoic and almost absolutely dispassionate, you really are missing out on all the fun that can be sourced from a collage. Collages have always been thought of as an activity for kids. However, it need not necessarily be this way because collages are really as universal as any activity can get. They have it in them to appeal to both kids and adults alike. Take the time and read on to gain access to information on the different kinds of collages. Feel free to employ the collage idea that appeals you most and match your tastes and preferences.

Different Kinds Of Collages 

Photo Collages
The photo collage, amongst the various types of collages, really makes for the most popular type of collage and there really is no denying that. Photo collages are put together by bringing in as many photos as possible and sticking them all onto a common surface. It really is up to you to cut out the faces of the ones you love and stick them onto a common surface or just not cut out faces and stick the picture as a whole. Sadly, however, traditional photo collages have now been replaced by digital photo collages. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, the emotions that can be aroused from a hard copy of pictures stuck on a common surface can never really be replaced by a digital replica of the same.

Magazine Collages
A magazine collage is a collage idea that involves sticking photos and random information from a whole lot of magazines onto a common surface. Doing magazine collages can be a fun group activity idea. For example, you can divide the participants into small groups and give each of the groups a theme. Keeping in mind the theme given, they can then be asked to create a collage out of what they find in the magazines handed over to them. If you wish, you can replace the magazines with newspapers.

Fabric Collages
To create a fabric collage, you can hunt for various types of fabric and cut them into different shapes and sizes and stick what you have cut out onto a common surface. To arrive at best results with your fabric collage, it is advisable to use as many colors as possible. The goal of a fabric collage is to make it look as close as possible to how the cover of a psychedelic rock album might look like. If you find it hard to gather different types of fabric, all you really need to do is look through your closet and zero in on the old clothes you don’t wear anymore!

Wall Collages
A wall collage is a compilation of photographs that can be of an event from your holiday with your family, or any other occasion. A wall collage is not only fun to make, but can turn out to be cheaper than any store-bought decorative piece. You can make a photo collage and then hang it on the wall of your living room as a decorative piece.

The above mentioned collages are just an introduction to the alluring world of collages. Pick any of the ideas mentioned above and give it a shot!

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