Vocabulary simply means knowing a variety of words. If you too want to improve your vocabulary skills and are wondering how to go about with it, read this article.

How To Improve Vocabulary

Words are crucial part of our life. They help us express each emotion, share our views and communicate with people. Ever wondered what would have happened if there were no words? There would be absolutely no communication at all. Communication becomes a difficult task, when one fails to find the right words to express, which eventually results in misunderstandings and confusion. For the same reason the message of a person is sometimes misconceived by people around, which leads to problems later on. Inapt vocabulary knowledge may also lead to disappointments and the person becoming less confident. Also, knowledge of less words leads to hesitation in talking to people. In many cases, it makes a person introvert in nature. To overcome these problems and make communication smoother and easier, brushing up the vocabulary is the only key. Vocabulary, in a simple language, refers to the set of words in a language. Improving vocabulary skills is not a difficult task to do. With few simple steps, you can easily achieve it. Read on get going!
Improving Vocabulary Skills
  • Expose yourself to the language by reading more books, novels, stories, etc. Regular newspaper reading also helps in improving the vocabulary. Read articles and features on various topics to know more words. Circle out words which are unfamiliar to you and search out their meaning. Make a separate copy and write these words for future reference. 
  • Start reading dictionary daily and make it a habit to learn at least one word a day, along with its meaning. Also, include these words in your list in the copy that you made earlier and keep on reading them regularly. This will make you remember the words.
  • Communicate as much as possible. Talking to people introduces you to many new words. Listen carefully to what new words people are using and figure out which words you are unaware of. Find out their meaning and memorize them. The next time you communicate with people, make sure you add the new words in your speech.
  • If you come across some new words, knowing their meaning is very essential. Take out your dictionary and find out their meaning and spelling. Also, apart from meaning, find out the application of the words. This will help you to memorize the words faster. To do the same carry a dictionary with you always. The dictionary which explains the meaning in your language is preferred.
  • Play word games regularly to test yourself and how much have you improved in a specific period of time. Games like scrabble and crossword are sure to shoot your vocabulary skills.  They can also be played as open dictionary game.
  • At least do one practice exercise daily to test yourself and your progress. Buy a vocabulary practice book or solve the problems on the internet. Today many websites offer vocabulary tests and games. Solve one problem daily to extract out best result in a short period of time.
  • Flash cards are a fun way to remember words. Buy some cards of the same size and paste your desired picture at one side. Look at this picture and write as many words as you can on the other side of the card.
  • Last but not least, write a page regularly on anything ranging from your experiences of your life to any social issue which is of your interest. Writing demands words, so a good knowledge of words is required to write. It will also help you to come across different words to express yourself in the best way.

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