Planning an all girls’ party? That’s brilliant, but have you thought of the games and activities that you would be requiring to make the evening a happening one? Explore fun party games for girls.

Fun Games For Women

It’s your night out with the girls after very long time and you just can’t stop thinking about how much fun it is going to be. Nice, but how do you intend to make it a fun outing? Planned anything yet? Oh, so you intend to catch up with them and then go along with any plan that they have made. But what if they have the same plan on their minds? And since you are the one who has called for this outing, they might just be banking upon you to figure out some fun ideas. And the bottom line is that if you don’t figure out something fun to do with them, you people might just end up discussing the same old boring stuff - men, shopping and men again. And if that is not your idea of fun then maybe it is time you get to task and plan out a few activities for the girls to ensure that they have all the fun they want when you catch up with them. And mind it; we also have fun stuff for those expecting moms in your group!
Fun Games For Girl Outings
Handbag Alphabet
Women’s bags have always been an enigma and this game seeks to capture this peculiar characteristic of your and your girlfriends’ bag. Needless to say, your friends must carry their handbags to take part in this one.
  • Make small chits of paper with a letter of alphabet on each of them and place them in a bowl.
  • Draw a letter from the bowl and announce it to the group.
  • The players have to search their handbags for articles whose names start with that letter and then hold them over their heads for the rest to see.
  • Play this game for 10-15 letters and the person who has had the maximum number of articles across these rounds comes out to be the winner.
  • Keep small goodies ready to be given off as prizes.
Photo Scavenging
This game is a brilliant variation of treasure hunt and keeps the women on their toes all through the game
  • Make groups of twos and threes.
  • Give each group a list of things they need to scavenge and a digital camera.
  • The deal is to find everything on the scavenging list and photograph it.
  • The list could have all the girlie things like red shoes or pink lipstick to a woman with white hair or someone wearing polka dots.
  • Have a deadline in order to avoid undue delays and award the winners with fun gifts.
Go Diva
Every woman is a diva in her own might and has a life that has all the hurdles and obstacles that can be thought of under the sun. And this game seeks to acknowledge that.
  • Make question cards which challenge your friends to find their personal power and honor the other players.
  • Make the questions revolve around the experiences that the group has had within itself and include all the other challenges that your friends have had individually.
  • This game rebuilds the harmony in the group along with reinforcing the faith that your friends have in themselves.
Pass The Diaper
This one is to entertain the expecting mothers in your group and when it comes to expecting moms, diapers are the cheesiest things to be used in the game.
  • Take a few diapers and then number them.
  • Place one or more baby items in the diapers, close them tightly and pass them on through your friend circle.
  • The group can only feel the outside of the diaper and guess what is in each of them. The players have to mention the number of the diaper and the items they think it carries.
  • The winner is the one who gets the most correct answers right.

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