Writing an essay involves lot of expressions. It’s a good exercise to enhance writing skills. But often people get confused as to how to end an essay. Check out tips on ending an essay.

How To End An Essay

Essay writing is a vast activity that involves a detailed analysis of the topic and allows a person to explore his/her writing skills. An essay will be appealing only if it has been structured well. You should organize the ideas properly to come out with a sensible essay. Most of the essays that you must have written would have had an amazing introduction. However, the catchy and unique lines soon start fading away as you proceed towards writing more. With time, it becomes difficult to maintain the appeal in the essay. By the time you reach the end of the essay, you are not left with any uniqueness in your writing to impress the reader. Nonetheless, it is very important for you to understand that in an essay two paragraphs hold major importance. These are the introductory paragraph and conclusion. To make an essay appealing, you need to work on these two paragraphs, as their difficulty level is crucial. While writing introduction is easy, as the concept is fresh in your mind, a lot of hitch is involved while penning the conclusion. People often get confused as to how to end an essay. Know that just like the introduction, the conclusion too must be very catchy and offer great impact on the reader. Also, it should justify the content of the essay and summarize the main points. If you have been trying hard to pen a classic ending for your essay, just browse through the following lines. The tips given below are sure to help.
Ending An Essay
  • Never end your essay with a low point. Summarize your points in a very influencing way and also restate or reaffirm your major point. Ending on a high note would make the reader remember your points for a long time.
  • Make emphasis on your thesis again to remind the reader of all the main points. Also, if possible, add an emotional touch to your conclusion. This would help the essay connect with the reader.
  • In your conclusion, write points supporting your thesis, explaining why you chose this particular thesis. Explain how all the points you made till now are connected and stand for the stance that you have taken.
  • Once you have made clear your perspective, generalize your thesis and show a bigger picture to the reader. This would add depth to your essay and make it world-centric, rather than being constrained to a particular country/community/religion.
  • Just like the introduction, conclusion should also be an interesting and captivating one. To make your conclusion strong and impacting, you can end the essay with a question that will make readers think about your viewpoint. Also quotations can be used to conclude. It provides texture to the essay and specifies your points. However, choose a quotation carefully, as quotes have the possibility of either confirming your points or confusing the reader.
  • Always link the conclusion paragraph to the introductory one. It can be done by again using the word or phrase you used in the introduction. Just rephrase what you have earlier mentioned.
  • A conclusion of an essay must be compound or parallel in the structure to give a relaxing feeling to the reader after a much hyped discussion. It helps in balancing your essay.
  • Always write the conclusion after deep analysis of all the paragraphs of an essay as this is the last time you can convince the reader about your perspective.  
  • Never use phrases such as “in conclusion”, “in summary” or “to sum up”. These look good when you are giving a speech, but not in the written form.
  • Don’t demean your point of view. You need to stand tall and take stance for whatever you have written. The worst that you can do to your 10-page long essay is by saying “It’s only one perspective of the topic”. What is the point of writing an essay when you intend to end it with a narrow approach? Instead, be confident and clear of what you have written so far and end with a wider perspective. 
With these tips on how to end an essay, conclude your essay in the most impressive, appealing and influencing way. Also make your reader clear with the topic till the very end.

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