English Language can be aptly called as the universal language of the world. This section contains articles that will enrich your information about English language grammar and its other nuances.

How To Improve English

English is the most preferred language of communication. Read below to learn how to improve English.

Palindrome Examples

“Dad”, “civic”, and “kayak” are common examples of one word palindromes. Discover a list of some famous palindrome phrases and sentences with this write up.

Apostrophe Usage

Apostrophe usage is often neglected by many of us and the result is vague, incorrect sentences. This article is an attempt to help the readers understand when to use an apostrophe and how.

Tautology Examples

An unnecessary repetition of an idea by using different set of words is known as Tautology. Steer through this article to find some very common examples of tautological expressions.

Common Grammatical Errors

Making grammatical errors is a common phenomenon. Cautiously slide down to the bottom of this article and explore examples of some common grammatical errors.

How To Improve Vocabulary

Vocabulary simply means knowing a variety of words. If you too want to improve your vocabulary skills and are wondering how to go about with it, read this article.

How To Use A Colon

Colon is arguably the most misused punctuation in English. How to use a colon is a tricky question for most of us. So, read on for tips on proper colon use & rid your punctuation nightmares for good.

How To Speak Well In English

Speaking English well shouldn’t really be a problem, provided you know how to approach the issue. Swing through this article to know how to speak English well.

False Analogy Examples

A faulty analogy for an argument is known as false analogy. Read below to learn more examples on false analogy.

How To Improve Your English

Have you wanted to improve your English for some time now?If yes, read your way through this article for valuable guidance on how to improve your English.

Difficult Words To Spell

Ever had to open your dictionary to recheck the spelling of the same crazily difficult word? Perhaps if you still face those difficulties, you could search for it in this article.

Effective Vs Affective

Was his speech effective or affective? If you too are stuck in the long drawn dilemma of effective vs affective, then reading difference between the two will leave you informed.

Verbal Irony Examples

Verbal irony is a figure of speech that differs from its actual meaning. Browse through this article to know the different types of verbal irony and their examples.

How To Use A Semicolon

Has the semicolon always been a mystery for you? Read on to clear out all your confusions as far as the semicolon is concerned! We have given below tips as to how to use a semicolon.

List Of Unusual Words

Did you know that there are numerous unusual words in English language that we have never even heard of? Explore the article to find a list of such unusual words with their definitions.

Allegory Examples

An allegory is a fantastic tool that helps exemplify the beauty of literature. Take a look at few genuine examples of allegories in this article.

Pun Examples

Looking for some funny puns or punny funs? Confused? Puzzled? Surf through this piece of writing to know some exhilarating examples of pun.

Commonly Misspelled Words

If you aspire to be someone known for having a great command over English language, it is important to get the basics right. Read below to know some of the most commonly misspelled words in English.

Symbolism Examples

Symbolism is the concrete representation of the abstract. To know more on this, check out the fascinating symbolism examples.

Imagery Examples

Love the use of imagery and its power to storm up exciting mental images? If yes, then this article on imagery will give you lot more to think of. Read on to check imagery examples.

Importance Of Grammar

The significance of grammar in a language has lost its glory in the present times. Nevertheless, for effective communication, grammar is extremely important. Read on to know its importance.

Types Of Sentences

Little did we know that there are different kinds of sentences used to express one’s writing in an interesting and lively form! Check out this article to know the types of sentences.

How To Use A Comma

One of the most used punctuation mark, a comma is often abused in written communication. With this article, learn the different rules on how to use commas.

Types Of Adjectives

An adjective is used to describe, identify or quantify a noun or pronoun. Read on to know the different types/kinds of adjectives which you can use, while framing sentences.

Types Of Nouns

Nouns play a very pivotal role in the world of English language and our personal lives. To know the details about the different kinds of nouns, browse through this article.

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