Somebody described euphemisms are unpleasant truths wearing diplomatic cologne. That statement reeks of euphemism! Get a firm grasp over the art of euphemism as you scan this article.

Euphemism Examples

Playing around with words is a talent. When dark and morbid concepts masquerade as pretty sounding words, the clever statement or orator is most definitely capitalizing on the popular literary tool known as euphemism. Euphemisms take time to sink in and are very subtle in nature. Inappropriate words or terms are wisely cloaked under the veil of ambiguity. What happens when we wish to pass a comment but hold back in fear of being too offensive or explicit? We exploit the beauty of euphemism! We take the explicitly nasty material and substitute it with an innocuous term which ironically might sound sweet! Euphemistic phrases were conjured up at the time of media’s prominence where certain offensive words had to be disguised. People that wish to hide explicit content from their children often resort to euphemism to sustain the moral duty of concealing what could corrupt a young mind. Moreover, euphemism enhances good prose and poetry, and manages to convey valid messages without offending certain sections of the readers. Listed below are a few euphemisms that will give you a better understanding of this popular figure of speech.
Examples Of Euphemism 
A euphemism that we use on a regular basis without doubt is “passed away” which is a pleasant way of conveying the death of an individual. Similarly, blatantly referring to sexual intercourse as “having sex” sparks negative connotations among children audiences. Thus, “sleeping with” serves as a relatively less explicit substitute to describe such a case scenario. Euphemism is a magical device that so ingeniously masks the distasteful meaning transmitted by a word or phrase. Euphemism opened up a priceless avenue to all prose and poetic ventures, many of which are highly acclaimed masterpieces. Listed below is a glossary of the common euphemisms prevalent in English Literature along with their explicit indications.
True Meaning
Direct mail
Junk mail
Bun in the oven/ Expecting
Batting for the other side
House of ill repute
Pre-Owned Vehicle
Secondhand/Used Vehicle
Surreptitious entry
Breaking In/ Burglary
Shooting blanks
Plunging Drop In Semen Flow
Take A Dump/ Do Your Business
Defecate/ Shit
Comfort Women
Give Into Prostitution
Character line
Freedom fighters
Rebels/ Warriors
Lose Calories/ Revisiting Lunch
Vomit / Puke
Furlough employees
Fire employees
Knocked Her Up
Adult entertainment
Bad Stinking Breath
Correctional facility
Call of nature
A Strong Urge To urinate or defecate
Spanking The Monkey
Masturbate/ Shag
Pregnancy Termination
Laughing All Over Your Shoes/ Clearing Your Tonsils
Choking The Chicken/ Beating The Bishop
In Between jobs
Revenue enhancement
Customer Of A Prostitute/Whore
Collateral damage
Civilian casualties
Full bodied
Inventory leakage
Stretch the truth
Comfort Station/Amenity Center
Public Toilet
Physical Persuasion
Armed intervention
Hand To Gland Combat
Dead body
Now you must have got a good understanding of what euphemisms are and why they are relevant not only in literature but also in day to day conversation. Some things are indeed a tad bit too inappropriate to use directly. Fortunately, we can always rely on euphemisms to salvage dilemmas of that sort. 

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