If you assume men and women to be equal, then you are highly mistaken. Browse through this write up to discover some interesting facts about women that distinguish them from men.

Facts About Women

“A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.” This idiom truly proves that women are smarter than men, but at times fail to stand equal to a man. Consider this. “Any married man should forget his mistakes. No sense two people remembering the same thing”. That is the image of a woman that men generally think of. Nonetheless, there are so many other things that men do not know about women, as they are looked upon as pretty, little, delicate flowers only. After all, women are also human beings. Thus, to bridge the gap between the guys and gals, listed here are some interesting and secret facts about women that men should definitely know. Take a look!
Interesting Facts About Women
  • The origin of the word “woman” is “woo-man”.
  • Women are intensely passionate about shopping. They consider the market to be the only place where they are actually in control.
  • If you ask a girl to dress up, she will never have clothes to wear. All the dresses lying in the almirah racks are useless. So, it’s no point arguing about them.
  • Women are likely to put up questions that do not have correct answers. Beware, as these questions are simple efforts to put you into feelings of being guilty.
  • Women do not require sex as often as men. Sex is considered more physical for men and emotional for women.
  • You will always find women moving to restrooms in a group. That’s because they’ll have someone to gossip with.
  • No two women can sit idle. Truly stated, women cannot keep silent simply because silence frightens them. To fill this gap, they speak continuously even if they do not have anything to discuss.
  • Women just cannot hold in secrets, hence, they eat them from within. And they reveal it to 2 or 3 people considering them to be trustworthy enough not to divulge it further.
  • Women are paid less than men in all fields, except in modeling.
  • Women love chatting on the phone. Even after staying at a friend’s place for nearly two weeks, a woman would call her up after returning home and continue talking for the next three hours.
  • Women love to dress up. They dress up to go shopping, water plants, empty garbage, answer the phone, read a book, or even receive a mail.
  • Women are highly insecure about their weight, butt, and breast sizes.
  • Women spend hours getting dressed up to go out. And finally, what do you see them doing? Checking out other women! You’ll never see men checking out other men. And women will always check out men checking on other women.
  • Finding another woman wearing the same dress at a party is the most embarrassing moment for a woman. You’ll never see men stating “Oh my God! He’s wearing the same black tux, get me outta here!”
  • A woman covers her mouth with the palm of her hand and not a fist while yawning.
  • While it’s fine to be a daddy’s girl, it’s sad to be a mommy’s boy.
  • In general, more women talk dirty during sex as compared to men.
  • Women blink almost twice as much as men do.
  • Women always carry their handbags along with them since they feel awkward moving out empty hands.
  • At the end of love making, women do not feel like sleeping; they prefer talking and then sleeping, unlike men who fall asleep instantly.
With several crazy and interesting facts about women listed above, enjoy knowing the fairer sex better!

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