Why should men have all the fun, women too deserve their fair share of the same. Breeze through this article for access to fun activities for women.

Fun Activities For Women

For a woman, it really is a mean world and that’s mostly because it’s a man’s world. Just look around for yourself, it’s the men that are calling the shots and it’s the men that are having the most fun while going about it. However, this does not mean that a woman does not deserve her share of power and her share of fun. This one however is not about the power. It in fact is less about the power and more so about the fun. As far as women having fun goes, the options are really endless. It’s like there is no fine line on an endless horizon. However, not all activities can be enjoyed by women. For them, there are some that are fun and some that aren’t! Take the time and read on to establish a unique relationship with ideas on fun activities for women. These ideas, provided they are implemented successfully, are guaranteed to nourish a woman’s life with unusually large doses of fun.

Fun Things For Women To Do 

Bowling M&M’s
Everyone loves M&M’s. They are easy on the taste buds and fun to look at too. However, to truly have fun with M&M’s, you will have to round up a few of your girlfriends and head to a bowling alley. Once there, gear up for the bowling alley and assign a certain fun thing to do for each color of an M&M. For example, yellow will need a woman to throw the ball backwards; brown will need a woman to throw the ball with her eyes closed, etc. Ask your friend to pick up an M&M. Your friend will then have to do with the ball or maybe even with the pins what the color chosen demands. Depending on the tasks assigned to each color, watch your friends go about this activity as they go about the game. 

Scavenger Hunt
The scavenger hunt really is an all-time favorite! However, you don’t really need to stick to the ordinary and the overdone with this one. Instead of asking participants to hunt for the typical, you can ask them to hunt for unexpected things that you know for sure will be a part of the boundaries of the scavenger hunt. For example, you can host the scavenger hunt at a mall and ask the participants to zero in on a much in love sixty year old gay couple who you know are present in the mall. You can ask the participants to find a T-shirt with a flying pig on it or locate a man who has a big mole on his nose. The point basically is to install as much fun as possible in the scavenger hunt.

Glow-In-The-Dark Basketball
This one’s all about a basketball that glows in the dark and a ring that glows in the dark too. It may be a little tough for you to get your hands on the glowing ball and the glowing ring, but once you do however, fun can be as good as a guarantee. Start off the game by installing the ring on a wall and getting furniture or anything else that can interrupt the game out of the way. Turn off the lights and make attempts at throwing the glowing ball into the glowing ring. Ensure that all your friends are part of the game and have everyone gets enough turns to have their go at the ball and the ring.

Truth And Truth
This game is a little easy on moving around. In fact, you and your friends can just stay put and gain access to oodles and oodles of fun. Put this game together by writing down a whole lot of questions on pieces of paper. Funny, crazy and embarrassing questions are what you should be looking at. One by one, ask your friends to pick up the chits, read out their respective question and proceed to answer the same!

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