Check out the list of top 10 sexiest and hot women of Hollywood who set your pulses racing with their looks and attitude.

Sexiest Women In Hollywood

They set the screen on fire when they ooze sensuality. They can make men go down on their knees and beg for attention. They can easily get into the skin of a heart-broken lover, a corporate honcho and a deadly assassin with ease. They are the sexiest women of Hollywood! Since the golden years, these women have been proving themselves to be better than the best. Not only are they wonderful performers, they also set an example for people of the society to follow their dreams and do what they feel is right.
Right from the classic beauties to the present bold babes, Hollywood women have traveled a long distance. They have braved this world which is dominated by men and have managed to make their mark here, simply through hard work and sheer determination. Here’s a tribute to the power of women as we list out the current top 10 hot women of Hollywood.
Jessica Alba
Great body, innocent looks and playful lovely eyes; Jessica Alba tops the list of the sexiest women in Hollywood. She had the looks to make a person believe that she was the “Dark Angel”. Just in her early 20’s, this talented actress has a long way to go.
Angelina Jolie
The world media touts her as the most beautiful woman. Her acting skills are not unrecognized and she started out early as a child actress in “Looking to Get Out”. With an Academy Award for the movie “Girl, Interrupted” and other huge commercial successes like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, this actress has what it takes to become a superstar. Add to this, the soft humanitarian side she has showed by adopting orphans from third world countries, Angelina Jolie is definitely a hot pick.
Charlize Theron
She silenced critics with her mind-blowing performance as a serial killer in the movie “Monster” and became the first South African actress to have won an Academy Award. Even with a troubled childhood, she has moved on to become one of the most successful and highest paid actress. With the looks of a diva, Theron definitely is one sexy woman.
Keira Knightley
With impressive performances in movies like “Bend it Like Beckham” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Keira Knightley has proved she has what it takes to dish out a fabulous performance. She is just in her early 20’s and has already had an Academy award nomination for her performance in “Pride and Prejudice”.  
Catherine Zeta Jones
With royal looks and great acting skills, Catherine Zeta Jones symbolizes the perfect woman. Her performances in “Mask of Zorro”, “The Phantom”, etc. won her accolades and launched her as one of the top actresses in Hollywood. Married to actor Michael Douglas, she is blissfully enjoying her family life along with her kids.  
Halle Berry
Dusky looks, gorgeous features, great acting skills and shapely body - Halle Berry is definitely one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. A former model and a beauty queen, she has won the Academy Award for her fabulous performance in the movie “Monster’s Ball”. This made her the only African-American woman to have won an Academy Award for best actress.
Eva Longoria
Best known for her role in “Desperate Housewives”, Eva Longoria is one of the hottest women in Hollywood. She was also in the news for her relation with the French NBA guard, Tony Parker. Though her childhood was marked by constant struggle to survive, this woman showed the world she has guts of steel and went on to make her mark in Hollywood.
Sienna Miller
This woman has a fabulous body and sharp looks, to go with her acting skills. Her modeling contracts include big names like Vogue, Prada, Vanity Fair, Pirelli Calender, etc. Sienna Miller has also proved herself as a fashion designer and has designed limited edition T-Shirts in order to raise fund for those suffering from breast cancer.
Drew Barrymore
This cute little child actress in E.T. has come a long way and made her mark in Hollywood. Coupled with innocent and naughty looks and features, Drew is one woman who can look absolutely ravishing in any role she plays. Her fall and rise in her life has molded her personality making her all the more sexy and powerful.
Christina Aguilera
She started out as a child singer and has now become one of the hottest women in Hollywood. She has already won five Grammy Awards and her recent chartbuster “Beautiful” went on to create a record of sorts. She has given fabulous performances in her music videos and has become a cult symbol with all those who love pop.

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