If you are yearning for a perfect coffee expressed with dollops of milk foam, macchiato should be your pick. Steer through this recipe to learn how to make homemade macchiato.

How To Make A Macchiato

Have you been a coffee drinker for quite a long time now? Then, you may, probably, not easily give on sipping a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee whenever given a chance, right? Right from cappuccinos to espressos, mocha, dark chocolate or macchiato, each allure the senses of a coffee lover like nothing else. But to savor and enjoy these luxurious yet soothing drinks, you have to drive down to one of those expensive branded cafés. Not anymore, though! You can create the experience of enjoying a large mug of fresh macchiato garnished with a thick shot of elegant milk froth at home as well. Sounds simple? Well, it isn’t, since pulling out the right espresso shot is the most difficult task during the entire procedure. Also, the smooth milk froth that you create should perfectly complement the espresso. Nonetheless, you can master the macchiato by following the steps given herein to enjoy this classic Italian coffee.
Homemade Macchiato Coffee Recipe
Get hold of the best ingredients and containers for the perfect macchiato coffee. Use top grade milk, espresso, shot glasses, and pitcher. Though most coffee houses use 2% milk, you can use any kind of milk. The thicker the milk, the easier it will be to create great foam or froth, which is important for the perfect macchiato.
Steam the milk in a pitcher that is capable of handling enough heat. This is the best way to create the right foam that will master the macchiato. Steam the milk at just the right temperature so that it does not go overboard. When the temperature reaches 160 degrees C, there will be enough foam created for 13 ounces of milk. With the help of an espresso machine, separate the foam from the milk. Bring the nozzle of the espresso machine to the milk surface and swirl the milk pitcher with the other hand.
To get the perfect flavor of macchiato, use freshly ground coffee. The fresher the espresso beans, the more aroma they will have and the better they’ll yield espresso shots. Thus, grind the beans just before you proceed towards pulling a shot. This will give you the best crema. You can grind coffee beans in a grinder by running the machine for 15-20 seconds. Filter the ground coffee beans thereafter.
Put the coffee beans in the espresso machine so that they blend the flavor with the foam so accumulated. For every two ounces of milk, use two espresso shots. However, you can adjust the mixture according to your taste. Fill your coffee mug with the espresso made from coffee beans, leaving enough space for the foam. Decorate your coffee with the steamed milk and froth. Show your creativity by making swirling or intricate shapes on the coffee. You can garnish it by sprinkling cinnamon, vanilla, or cocoa powder, or you can even drizzle flavored syrup. Serve your macchiato immediately with biscotti cookies for a light dessert. Enjoy your sweet, aromatic, soothing, and freshly brewed Italian macchiato coffee!

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