Glass painting is a popular art form. Explore this article to get to know some ideas and tips on glass painting.

Glass Painting Ideas

If you love painting and have a natural flair for it, then glass painting can be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby for you. If you have kids at home who are interested in painting, you can coax them to take up glass painting as hobby as well. Not only will it keep them occupied while you run some errands, but they will have fun doing it as well. Glass painting is a popular art form where glass objects are painted with enamel paint. Glass painting can not only be a great hobby by which you can spend your spare time, but glass painted objects can be very nice decorative items as well. You can also present glass painted objects to your friends or loved ones for any occasion. If you want to explore glass painting as a hobby, here are some ideas and tips on glass painting for you to consider. Read through the sections that follow to learn more.

Ideas For Glass Painting
  • If you are just beginning with this hobby, try to paint some abstract geometric shapes like straight lines, circles, squares etc on the glass object. These are the simplest shapes to paint as a novice. Brightly painted geometric shapes also look great on flower vases and other glass objects.
  • Random colored dots are also fantastic glass painting ideas. You can create a hypnotic effect by painting random dots all over the glass object.
  • Different floral designs and simple lines also look good on glass objects and are easy to paint.
  • If you run short of ideas, you can also take help of different glass painting design templates that are available in stores. Take help of these templates to get glass painting ideas.
  • You can use old wine glasses, plain flower vases, or any glass objects for your project.
  • You can create beautifully painted garden lights, and can also paint the exteriors of the mansion jars. You can then place aromatic candles inside the jars. This not only looks fantastic, but is also a unique decorative idea that is bound to leave your guests amazed.
Glass Painting Tips
  • Always choose a glass object for your craft that has a smooth, plain, and clear surface. If you use a painted or printed glass surface, your painting won’t be prominent.
  • Sweat and natural oils from your hands can smudge the painting on the glass surface. To avoid these hassles, always wear latex gloves while painting glass.
  • Use a broad brush to paint a large area, and a smaller brush for painting intricate details. Use sponge for textured surfaces.
  • If you are a tyro, draw your design on a piece of paper and stick it inside the object. You can then paint directly on the glass following the lines on the paper drawing.
  • While painting, don’t move the object too much as the paint can run down and ruin your hard work. Once you complete your painting, leave it untouched for a few hours or until all the paint dries up. You can then frame it and your glass painting is ready to adorn one of your walls.
  • To remove unwanted lines, you can use a thinner or a blade.
  • To cure the paint, allow it to dry completely and then bake the canisters in an oven for 30 minutes at 340 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also cure the paint naturally at room temperature for a period of 3 weeks.

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