Glass Block Crafts are quite easy to make and can be used as gifts, decorating items or even for keeping the kids busy. Check out tips & ideas for glass block craft.

Glass Block Crafts

Crafts have a number of uses. They can keep the kids busy during their ideal time and free you of the need of constantly being on the look out for any trouble from their side. The other good use of crafts is that most of them are quite simple to make and can be used for decorating the house or even as gifts, without involving too much expenditure. There are a number of crafts that you can make at home, without much cost and with very less efforts. One amongst such crafts is the glass block one. In the following lines, we have provided a number of tips and ideas for making glass block crafts. Just make use of them and start decorating your house, giving personalized gifts or keeping your kids occupied and out of mischief. Happy Crafting!!
Glass Block Craft Ideas 
  • One of the best options is to attach a number of same-shape glass blocks together, with the help of contact cement or glue. Place them in your kitchen to be used as spice holder, candle holder, etc. simple, isn't it!!
  • You can also convert small glass blocks into paperweights, by decorating them with rub-on appliqués. Make use of stickers, fabric pieces, wallpaper, gold tone paints or contact paper shapes, for the purpose.
  • Drill a hole inside a glass block, big enough to hold a small strand of Christmas lights. Decorate the glass block with rub-on appliqués, making sure not to cover the whole surface. Put the light inside the hole, make the electric connection and use it as a decorative showpiece.
  • Shape the glass block in any design you wish, with the help of a stencil and Dremel tools. After you have attained the desired shape, decorate with paints or rub-on appliqués and use as a showpiece.
  • Take a wine glass and place a weighted wick in it. Add 3-4 glass blocks, the size of an ice cube, and then pour clear gel wax into it. The result will be a beautiful candle, made it a matter of minutes.
  • With the help of contact cement, glue together a small pane of glass and a glass block, the pane being larger than the block and the block being attached to its bottom-center. Decorate the area of the joint with something, so as to hide it from view. Now, adorn the front of the pane with stencils, rub-on appliqués or rubber stamps. Put a votive candle on the block and the result will be a decorative glass design.
  • You can stick a candle on to a glass block with the help of regular glue and make a candle holder. Now, use it around the use or give as favors to your party guests.
  • You can use glass blocks, the size of an ice cube or slightly larger, for making stands for a number of things. For instance, join them together and keep your pens on the resultant stand.
  • You will easily get animals, angels, trains and numerous other collectibles in glass. Attach them to glass blocks with the help of contact cement and use as showpieces.

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