Fashion photography can be a very rewarding and electrifying vocation. Explore this write up for some fashion photography tips.

Fashion Photography Tips

From television to magazines, we always see gorgeous models flaunting and endorsing different products. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered what makes them look that glamorous? Much of the allure that you see in fashion photography, are the tricks and skills of fashion photographers. However, working with models can be quite challenging. To capture the right moment, you need your models to be in the right frame of mind. The basic skills required for fashion photography are the same as any other form of photography. You have to understand camera adjustments, light effects, when to use what lens, filters etc. Apart from your photography skills, you also have to be an expert at communicating with your models. Patience too is a must to survive in the industry. If you are yearning to learn more about fashion photography and how to enter the industry as an amateur, here are some handy fashion photography tips for you to consider. Read on to build blocks of familiarity with them in the sections that follow. 

Tips On Fashion Photography

  • In fashion photography, the subject of your photo will be a model. Hence, you need to have good rapport with your models to get your work done efficiently.
  • For a head shot or a head and shoulders portrait, the photograph should be taken slightly above the eye level of the model. This level will make your model look taller and prevailing.
  • If you are planning to shoot a full body shot of a model, then the shot needs to be taken from a relatively low height, which should not exceed the photographer’s hips.
  • For outdoor fashion photography, always rely upon natural light for bright, colorful, and clear photos.
  • While shooting with models, you should also know how to line them up and position them in such a way that your photographs turn out to be the best.
  • Always remember to take photographs of models from different angles and then shortlist the final photographs.
  • Do not pressurize your models into posing for prolonged periods. This will only make them nervous and uncomfortable. Instead, let them stay stress-free and relaxed. This will only enhance the output of your photographs.
  • Fashion photography is generally very delicate.  You should therefore know how to remove harsh shadows, lines, and blemishes from the model’s face and make him or her look more attractive. To get this desired effect, use a blurred effect to make the photograph more subtle and striking.
Fashion Photography Tips For Beginners
  • To explore a career as a fashion photographer, you need to have basic photography gear, a lot of patience, and practice. Practice here is vital as the saying goes “practice makes a man perfect”.
  • Invest in a good digital SLR camera which will be your main tool. There are different good DSLR cameras available in the market, so survey them thoroughly before purchasing one. You may also take advice from an experienced photographer and see what camera, lenses, etc he or she uses.
  • Learn basic photography skills. Taking up a fashion photography course can be helpful.
  • You should know how to adjust the camera to get the best photographs under existing conditions.
  • Prepare an impressive portfolio of your work. This will be your entry ticket into the world of fashion photography. Make a nice and well organized portfolio containing some of your best photographs. Select photographs for the portfolio carefully. Remember, you will be judged by your work, so the best photos should be included in the portfolio.
  • Browse through fashion magazines, booklets etc to learn basic poses, understand light effects, and other important details of photography.

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