When was the last time you’ve heard the popular pitbull song- “Rumba, si ella quiere su rumba, como?” Read this section and learn the easiest steps to dance the rumba.

Rumba Dance Steps

If you haven’t seen it in the movies, you’ve probably visualized the moves or grooved to the enthralling beats of what is easily identified as “rumba”. Having originated in Cuba, it first came to the United States in the early 1920s. It is romantic, sexy, invigorating and infinitely sensual and every dancing aficionado would agree in a heartbeat. Some call it "dance of love" or “Latin waltz” while others call it the "waltz with a wiggle", Rumba is ideal for all the lovebirds on the dancing horizons. Unlike foxtrot and waltz, rumba entitles couples to be riveted to their marked positions and gaze into one another’s eyes as they sway the night away. Characterized by fabulous rhythms and sexy movements, rumba is popular at weddings and balls. Rumbas typically tell a story of blossoming romance between a sturdy young man and coy pretty lady, and have hence captivated the hearts of several fans. Rumbas are widely acclaimed as a social dance and a crucial platform in numerous international dancing competitions. Read this section to learn how to move your hands and feet to Afro-Cuban dance speciality. 
Basic Rumba Steps
It is very important for couples dancing the rumba to have immaculate eye contact with each other. Like many Latin American dance forms, the hips have to perfectly synchronize on a slow to quick-quick beat. Furthermore, the key partner has to be sure of all the steps all the way through the dance.  If he is not, the woman may get befuddled. It is also equally important for the woman to focus and follow the man's movements watchfully and by the book, even in case of an incorrect move! This will aid the leading partner to rectify the move, devoid of any confusion. Now that you know how important synchronization is, let’s get to know the basic rumba dance steps.
  • At the outset, both the partners face each other. The man places his right hand on the woman’s back; with his palm resting on the partner’s left shoulder. The woman, however, places her left hand on the man’s right shoulder. The woman holds the man’s left hand at shoulder’s height. The feet should be away from each other with a space that equals the shoulder’s width.
  • Once the first step is over, the man steps forward, starting with the left foot on the first count, whereas the woman steps back with her right foot first. Subsequently, for the next three counts, the man draws the foot of the woman to meet the left, but not by applying too much of weight and force. The woman should also bring her left foot to meet the right of the man without applying too much weight.
  • On the fifth count, the man should step to the right and must shift the weight and pull his left foot. The woman should also take a step to the left shifting weight and dragging her right foot. On the seventh and eight counts, the weight of the man must shift to the left foot and the woman’s foot to right.
  • During the second half of the dance steps, the man should step back with his right foot, and the woman steps forward with her left. For the subsequent counts, the man drags his left foot to meet the right foot, while the woman drags her right foot to meet the left foot.
  • For the concluding counts of the dance, the man should step forward, while the woman steps to her right. After that, the man pulls his right foot to the left while the woman pulls her left foot to the right. Consequently, the man has to shift his weight to the right foot, and the woman shifts her weight to the left foot. 
The above mentioned steps are some of the most universal rumba dance steps, which novices and experts should comprehend. Since these steps are easy to learn and master, one will not find it difficult to dance rumba.

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