It’s sexy, it’s well renowned. Read this article and learn a whole lot more about the popular Brazilian lambada dance.

Lambada Dance

"Lambando estarei ao lembrar que este amor, por um dia, um instante, foi rei" is the chorus to a popular Brazilian song titled ‘lambada’ This song lays emphasis on the solitary emotional upheaval triggered by the strong beated rhythm and soothing melodious tones of the lambada. Essentially, an internationally popular Brazilian dance for couples, lambada has touched the hearts of many dancing enthusiasts all over the globe. It’s sensual, it’s fast and it has a special magnetic effect on the audiences. Lambada is a special dance because it can be performed alone, with a partner, or in a group. Nonetheless, dancing moves are enthralling and invigorating in all the three cases. No Brazilian or Portuguese dance club feels complete without couples grooving to the lambada as they drink and make merry. No one who has danced the lambada would deny that it ranks high on the list of most “sensual experiences”. Easy to learn and incredibly stimulating, the moment you fire up to the beats of lambada, you won’t want to stop. Keep reading this article to learn the basic steps of lambada dance.

Basic Lambada Dance Steps
To all the beautiful ladies, don your pretty short skirts, and to all the charming gentlemen, put on those trousers. If you’ve been yearning to dance the lambada, follow these steps, put on your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor. 
  • Lambada is easier danced barefoot as most of the dance moves are done on the balls of your feet. So ditch your footwear and get those dancing feet moving.
  • Grab your partner and leave minimum space between one another. Take the lead and hence hold the lady firmly. However, the tone of the dance must remain soft and sensual.
  • Tenderly put the right hand on the ladies lower back, while the left hand entwines with that of your lady partner’s.
  • Your partner, the lady, should place her right hand on your shoulder and both your hips must be as close as possible. She must put any one knee between her your legs and bend them slightly. This closeness must be maintained all the way through the dance.
  • Twist your feet to the rhythm of the music. Stand on your tip toes and pretend that you’re stumping out a cigarette while you’re doing this. Alternate this twisting motion from one foot to the other.
  • Keep your upper body still and focus on the swaying hip movements. Dance freely! Emphasize on the upper body movements and complete the whip like movements that gives the dance its name.
  • Prolong the fun twisting motions by moving your shoulders from side to side in the opposite direction of your hips. This movement creates the wave like moves that gives the dance its name.  
  • Shift your shoulders to the right and raise your right elbow slightly. Later, shift back your shoulders to the left and lower your right elbow to raise the left. This intensifies the wave effect.
  • Keep your legs away from your partner and simply hold each other’s hands up above. You should aid the lady in turning around. She then spins around you doing seductive turns.
  • As the lady rests on the thighs and flexes her back towards the dance floor, you should support this dip by clasping her waist around your hands. Your partner has to remember to stare deeply and sexily into your eyes.
  • The final step is to continue the wave motion with your head and maintain the fluid hip movements.
  • Let’s not forget that lambada is pleasure and seduction. We don’t have to be impeccable. Feel the rhythm, feel the cadence and enjoy yourself. 
The english translation of the introductory chorus is “I’ll be Dancing lambada when I Remember that this Love, One day was King for an Instant.” Just had to ensure that you would reach the bottom of this article!

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