Planning to do some ‘chiggy wiggy’ with your partner, then freak dance is definitely your pick. Explore this article to find tips on how to do freak dancing.

How To Freak Dance

Freak dance hits off well in a night club or a pub. Also known as grinding, juking, housing, bubbling and crunking, freak dance includes two or more dancers rubbing together in a suggestive sexual manner. In simple terms, freak dance means sexually arousing dance. Popular for several years, this risqué style of dancing was banned by many schools. However, it is gaining popularity once again largely due to trendy hip hop music videos. Though freak dance does not involve actual sexual intercourse, it represents dry humping, that is, partners and groups performing sexual acts and positions. Over the years, freak dancing has branched into different variations, such as winking or wining up, Perrero, dirty dancing, and bump and grind. Take a sneak peak into the following lines if you are game to know how to freak dance. Get your freak on and start grinding!
Freak Dancing Tips
  • Always face the same direction as that of your dancing partner. The position should be such that one dancer’s butt is in contact with the other’s groin, or in sexual terms - doggie style.
  • While dancing facing each other, both the partners straddle in each other’s laps. This step usually includes rubbing your private parts on the other’s thighs through your clothes.
  • In freak dance, the girl supports her weight on the floor with the help of her hands.
  • The male partner stands behind the female holding her legs or feet up.
  • The dance can start off with the girl leading using her hips giving way for the guy to follow. The central part of this dance is that the guy moves along the girl and not vice versa.
Different Freak Dancing Forms
  • The first technique in freak dancing is the “Wave”. It symbolizes both the partners synchronizing their grinding movements as per the beats of the music being played in the background.
  • “Side-to-Side” is a style of freak dancing where both the dance partners stand beside one another. The hips are rotated both clockwise and anti-clockwise in accordance to the beats of the music.
  • “Sandwich” is another dancing technique which involves two or more members of the same sex surrounding another person of the opposite sex. In such a scenario, the dancers press an individual from all directions to the tunes of the music representing “group sex” or orgy type of action.
  • Another extreme move in freak dancing is the “Vibration Gyration”. This technique is performed by making rapid movements in the entire body or rear end to the beats of the music.
  • The female dancer moves her hips in a circular motion to form the figure ‘8’ pattern. This is known as “Rotational”.
  • Apart from these stated techniques, there exists a form called “freak train”, “bumping line”, “booty line” or “pelvis conga”. The dance form involves a group of dancers (either same sex or mixed) who grind themselves together standing in a single line to the beats of the music.

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