Ready to get your groove on and prepared to do some ‘what’s up-kinda’ hip hop dance? Navigate through this write up and learn how to dance hip hop.

How To Dance Hip Hop

Do you feel the urge and passion within you burning to set the stage on fire? Show your guts and get ready to move your body with tantalizing and fascinating hip hop dance. Just about 30 years old, hip hop dance is associated with names, such as the Rock Steady Crew, The Lockers, and the Electric Boogaloos, who are considered to be the gurus of this popularized dance genre. Though watching others doing hip hop makes the dance seem extremely tough, the truth is that it is as easy as doing freestyle dancing. It allows the dancer to enjoy the beats and dance to their rhythms without following any hard and fast dance sequence, unlike other dance forms, such as ballet dancing, salsa dancing, and belly dancing that follow a particular methodical approach. Take a look at the following lines to get your basic shakes-n-breaks right to proceed towards an out-and-out breaking performance.
Hip Hop Dance Steps
Slip and Slide
Standing upright, move your right foot to the right and back. Balance yourself by moving your right arm in the air with the rhythm. This move should look like a calculated hand gesture and not a desperate step to prevent from falling. While doing so, lean towards the left. This would give you a good balance and reveal a good move. Bring back your right foot and repeat the step with your left foot and hand. Rotate in a circle, move around the ground, or show variations as per your energy and fitness.
Heel Toe
Standing with your feet at shoulder width apart, jump off the ground, but not very high. As you land down, place the heel of the right foot in front of the toes of the left foot on the ground. Balancing on your right heel, turn your right foot towards the right. This move will shift your balance and lead you to fall towards the left. Do so but just slightly until you stop with your left foot by moving it out about a foot towards the left. Jump again, pushing your weight in the center and landing down with your left heel and right foot on the ground. Repeat with the other side now.
Crip Walk
Standing upright with your feet shoulder width apart, place your left heel in front of the right foot. Lift your left foot with the toes pointing towards the left. Bend your knee and bring your left foot up to your left thigh, balancing your weight on your right foot. Unbend your left leg and lower it towards the ground, placing the foot firmly on the floor. Your left foot should now be a foot apart from where you began. Bend and twist your shoulders. Slide your right foot to the left foot and stand upright. Move towards the right and reverse the steps.
Harlem Shake
Stand upright keeping your feet six inches wider than your shoulders. Raise your right shoulder and push out your left hip, revealing a diagonal look. Move back to the center and repeat with the left shoulder and right hip, displaying a reverse diagonal. Repeat this step one more time without moving or shaking any other body part of yours. Perform again and while you are at shoulder-up-hip-out routine, move from one side to the other. Do two small push ups such that it looks like a twirling ribbon falling downwards.
Kick-Ball Change
Stand upright with your feet together and arms by your side. Kick your right foot forward with a jerk and bring it back immediately. Bending and pushing your weight towards the right, move an inch to the right with your right foot. Now, pick up your left foot and move towards the left, shifting your weight towards the left. Come back to the initial position and reverse the steps with a left foot kick. While doing these moves, move your hands and arms to the front, back, and sides in sync with the beats of the music.

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