Electric Slide Dance is a fun filled exercise to drive away your glooms. Read this article to learn how to dance the electric slide.

Electric Slide Dance Steps

"Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life. It's the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy," said Jaques D'ambroise. His quote explains dance as he sees it. It is said that the simplest of things in life bring profound joys to us and dancing tops this list for most of us. From hip hop to ballet; from classical to contemporary; from specific to freestyle; there is something for each one of us. And if you are interested in the electric slide or the cha-cha slide dance or the electric boogie dance after watching the popular song by Marcia Griffith, so be it. Following is an entire article that deals with electric slide dancing for your pleasure. This form of dancing is best enjoyed when you are in a group since you tend to have more fun when learning in a group and you also end up learning faster. Read further to know more.
How To Dance The Electric Slide
  • The dance floor should ideally be made of wood but any smooth surface is also good enough. If you are in a group, then line up in straight lines or form a circle depending upon the shape of the room and the number of people in the group.
  • In an electric dance slide, the most prominent step is the grapevine step. Just like the grapevines twirl around a host tree, the feet, in this dance form, twirl around your body. The following lines will elucidate better.
  • While attempting a grapevine right touch, all you have to do is step your right foot to the right and weave your left foot behind the right foot. Next step is to shift your weight to the left foot and again slide back your right foot to the side. And bring the left foot either at the front of the right foot or to its side. Next shift weight to the left foot and move left. Repeat the steps mentioned earlier only exchange the roles done by right and left foot. Add to the fun by clapping to the music. Another tip to remember here is that all the feet shifting is done lightly while just touching the floor with your toe.
  • All the feet movements look and feel much better if followed with some arm gestures or hip-shaking or flirting with your expressions with fellow dancers.
  • Second step in electric slide dance is to take three steps backwards after the grapevine steps. Sway your body to the music or clap your hand as you move backwards. Just use your right foot, or whichever feels comfortable at that moment, to move backwards.
  • When you modify the grapevine step a little and step forward instead of sideways you get a third step in the electric slide dance form. This is called the rock-back step. All you have to do is step forward with your left foot. And bring your right foot up just so that the toe touches your left heel. And then step back again using the same left foot and again slide your right foot to touch the left heel with your right toe.
Similarly keep modifying the steps above to move to the music and you will realise sooner or later that you are inventing new and innovative steps and enjoying them too!

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