Tomatoes are very commonly used fruit and are easy to grow. But did you know that red tomato is just a type out of the many existing? Check out the different kinds of tomatoes in the article below.

Types Of Tomatoes

Tomato is the most loved fruit and is available in every season. Available round the year, tomatoes though taste best during summers. Also, they grow best during summers. Growing a tomato at home is quite easy, for all that you need to adhere to is follow some basic steps and techniques. Wondering why grow a tomato when it is available in heaps and bounds at the supermarket? Because the taste of a fresh, handpicked tomato can not be matched with the one you purchase from the supermarket! Also, did you know that apart from the red variant which is flooded in the market, tomatoes are also available in shades of yellow, black, green and purple? Yes, and if this surprised you imagine placing your hand on a tomato that is in combination of two colors or strips of different colors? Amazing isn’t it? Tomatoes are grown in various colors and shapes around the world and these varieties number in hundreds. The weight of a tomato lies between a few ounces to 2 pounds. Also, just like the color and size, the flavor of tomato varies from sweet to tangy. Each of the variant of tomatoes is differentiated from the other in terms of time required to get ripened, flavor, size, shape and color. Also, climatic conditions, soil, intensity of sunlight are equally important factors that influence the growth of tomato. Take a look at some of the types of tomatoes in the following line.
Different Varieties Of Tomatoes
Currant Tomatoes
They are very small in size, but are great in flavor. They are generally used in garnishing and salads. They are healthy and very tasty.
Grape Tomatoes
They are little bigger in size than currant tomatoes. Their size and shape are equal to that of a grape, and that is why they are named so. Grape tomatoes are the sweetest of all the variety and are used in vegetables as well as salads.
Cherry Tomatoes
They are generally in the size of a cherry, but may vary. They have a sour flavor and can be eaten as a snack. They contribute greatly in the preparation of a salad.
Pear Tomatoes
They are small in size from one end and little fatter on the other end, just like the shape of a pear. Pear tomatoes are sweet and can be eaten raw as salads or snack.
Plum Tomatoes
Oblong shaped and thick, plum tomatoes have comparatively lesser seeds than any other variety. Also known as processing tomato or paste tomato, it is mostly bred for sauce and packing purposes.
Globe Tomatoes
This is the most popular variety of tomatoes. They are medium sized and used widely in cooking. They are enjoyed the most after sprinkling some salt onto it.
Beefsteak Tomatoes
They are huge tomatoes, weighing up to 2 pounds. They are the largest variety of tomatoes. They are thick, sweet and have red flesh. They are mainly used in cooking.
Vine Ripened Tomatoes
They are kept on the vine and are packed to mature its flavor. Vine ripened tomatoes have a different and strong aroma. They are very delicious to taste when roasted on the vine.
Sungold Tomatoes
They are very juicy and have an orange hue to them. Sungold tomatoes are delicate variety of tomatoes and are widely used in garnishing and salads.
Baby Plum Tomatoes
These tomatoes have very sweet flavor and are juicy. They have a dark color and long shape. Baked plum tomatoes are consumed both in their raw form (in salads) and cooked.
Midi Plum Tomatoes
Their flavor is a mixture of sweet and sour. Grown in oval shape, midi plum tomatoes contain large amount of seeds and are highly used in cooking.
With these awesome types of tomatoes, you can make your food more delicious, healthier and tastier. Next time you buy the tomatoes to make yummy salad or for cooking, consider the above list and purchase a different one, which you haven’t tried as of yet!

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