See your child transform from being a bird watcher to a potential Pablo Picasso with these interactive and fun crafts for toddlers.

Crafts For Toddlers

It is almost certain and you must have been told by your parents that when you were a toddler, you were quite a handful. Never letting go of that thumb in your mouth (probably the reason why your thumb is half the size of what it should have been), always screeching and chasing after birds. Though you grew up to be a well-mannered individual, with proper etiquettes and respect for others, what you probably don’t know is how much you must have lost on your creativity scale because of wasting time, chasing after birds. Don’t let your child be in the circle of that parenting process that has been passed around in your family from generations. Fun it up a little and see your child transform completely. Researches show that toddlers who play with crafts involving different shapes and sizes, coloring and painting, and other interactive toys develop better hand eye coordination and have focused concentration. Crafts put their cute little minds to use, and open up their creativity like never before. So, don’t lose out on providing your children with the best possible craft that will not only prove to be fun for them, but will also bless them with a heightened sense of creativity. Continue reading to know about interactive and fun crafts for toddlers:
Toddler Crafts Ideas
Ah the good old way of drawing – doodling, never having to worry about a drawing that makes sense. Provide your children with some papers and crayons and let them go nuts. Let them draw whatever they want. Don’t interfere too much. Just guide them a few times and see them make their way on their own. When they are done, ask them to describe what they made even if they haven’t learnt to speak yet. However, for this, make sure that the paper is not too sharp and the colors are safe and non-toxic to use for a child.
Coloring Book
Toddlers just adore the look and feel of colors around them and in their hands. Provide them with a nice coloring book with different shapes and designs, and some safe crayons. Again, don’t interfere too much, let them color the way they want and even when they move out of the border, don’t freak out over it. We said - see your child transform into Pablo Picasso, we didn’t say overnight. Coloring helps them develop their hand eye coordination and their concentration. After they’re done, explains them gently that the colors need to be filled inside the box and not outside it. The next time you hand over the coloring book, you would be amazed to see the difference.
Leaf Printing
Taking the help of mother nature to make your kid learn is the best way to do it. Toddlers just go crazy over nature (reason why you chased after birds) and they love the feel of it. The trees, the birds, the animals, and the sky tell them that they’re in the presence of something magnificent. Get your toddler a leaf and put it on the table, now put a clean white paper over it and ask your child to shade the leafy area with a pencil or a crayon. The shape and the design of the leaf beginning to form on the piece of paper will brighten up your kid’s smile.
Finger Painting/Hand Painting
It may not sound good to you on paper (in theory) but it’ll definitely sound good to your toddlers on everything. The best option is to go for a plain white t-shirt on which your children can lay their colored hands and then wear it later. If you have an empty and unused room, just hand it over to your kids and watch them go berserk. Get some edible watercolors for your children to use and let them dip their hands in it and then stamp them all across the room. Who knows, they might end up creating something beautiful that you’ll want to keep forever. After they’re done, give them a nice warm bath to get those colors off them.
Sock Puppets
Prepare bunnies or puppets out of the socks by sewing buttons as eyes and nose, and let your kids wear them on their hands and have fun on their own. You can also enact plays by hiding behind that couch with just the sock puppet peeping out of there. Use funny voices and colorful puppets for full effect. Have a video camera recording your child’s reactions. You, of course, didn’t want to miss it, or did you?
Noodle Doodle
Soak the noodles in water to make them usable for doodling. For better effect, soak noodles in a few different bowls and use a different food color in each of them to have different colored noodle bunches. Now make jewelry or anything that comes to mind and also teach your Mr. or Ms. Toddler a little as how to go about them and then let him/her make his/her own design. Even if the child swoops in the noodles, it’ll not be a thing to worry about.
Using these exciting toddler craft ideas, put a smile on your child’s face.

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