Is YouTube the only thing that you think of, when you access the internet? Do you envy people who are famous on YouTube? Would you like to join the bandwagon? Know how to get famous with this article.

How To Become Famous On YouTube

Do you have the power to go invisible, even if you really didn’t want to? Do your antics go unnoticed in college or in office? Do you cross-dress yourself up only for attention, but people still walk past you as if you were a mannequin? Do teachers in your college still refer to you as “you, what’s your name?” even when you are in the final year. Is your attendance sheet marked ‘A’ (absent), even when you were there for every lecture, and also for the extra classes which you didn’t have to attend in the first place? Do you have an imaginary girlfriend or boyfriend whom you talk to when you’re being ignored? You get the picture, don’t you? Of course you do. Believe it or not, we wouldn’t be more right when we say that it is, without a doubt, the age of the internet and advertisement. This is the reason why even if you have got supernatural powers, people will only go “Eh!” if you don’t advertise yourself. You’ve got to advertise yourself to make people recognize and identify you. And the best place to do so is definitely YouTube (the ‘in’ thing today). YouTube is the answer for getting you a bright life outside of the tube you’re stuck in. All you need is a video camera and a video-editing software. However, before you leave us to become a celebrity, read about these ways to get famous on you tube.
Becoming Famous On YouTube
Viral Marketing
Pretending to be someone you’re not is the easiest way to be in limelight, for whatever reasons. Shoot a fake video of killing someone. Act well, use that built up energy that is inside you and act from your gut. Make the viewer believe that if you could, you would pop out of the screen and shoot even the viewer dead. Use your friend as the victim, but don’t forget to give him a treat later. Although, in the end, do issue a statement that all of it was a part of the acting lessons you have been taking and it was all hokum, lest people get scared of you for being a psychopath or a potential killer. Also, you don’t want cops chasing you like the bloodhounds and the bloodhounds themselves.
Showcase Your Talent
Showcase whatever talent you have. Be it dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, modeling, some art work that you can do in minutes, or play along with the soccer ball, as if you were Maradona incarnated. You get the picture right? It doesn’t matter if it’s all out there, what matter is what you did, you did well and it was your own creation.
Go Christopher Nolan On Them
Prepare something up that is interesting till the very last second and then dim the lights on it. Keep the viewers in the dark and keep them guessing whether it happened or not. Let them tear their brains apart, until they get on their knees and start asking you if it actually happened or not. Give them vague answers in return.
Actual Funny Video
There’s always room for funny rip-roaring moments. It just never gets old. If you have something that’ll make people feel that somebody sprayed them with the laughter gas, they won’t complain. No matter how embarrassing it may be for you, it’ll only be more hilarious for the rest of them. Did your cat eat your hamster and then got eaten by your dog? Did you trip for no reason whatsoever? Whatever it may be, share! Who knows you might even get selected to win a cash prize from America’s most funny videos.
Spread The Word
After posting the video, don’t just keep sitting there like the godfather. Instead, share your video with your friends. People won’t be automatically directed to your video unless the word of mouth gets to them. Post the link of your video to all your accounts - facebook, orkut, twitter, myspace, and in your mails – and see the hits to your video growing. Networking is the magical word today, isn’t it?
Declare War
Declare war on the person with the highest number of hits on you tube. Come up with a difference of opinion sort of video and go one on one. You’re bound to get noticed and if you want the most number of clicks from amongst other people who’ve declared a war themselves, come up with convincing theories and back it up with an equally groundbreaking video.
Get a bright life outside the dark tube you’re stuck in by implementing these ways to get famous on YouTube.

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