Handwritten letters may be a passé, but nonetheless make for wonderful keepsakes. Explore this article to know more on how to mail a letter.

How To Mail A Letter

The tardy and time-consuming “snail-mail” is indeed a thing of the past. Thanks to cell phones, laptops, and blackberries, e-mail is by and large the most convenient mode of communication today. However, the age-old trend of writing letters is not altogether a passé. It does not matter how much people fixate over digital modes of communication, but nothing, absolutely nothing can match up to the grace, sincerity and sentimentalism of a handwritten personal letter. In today’s age of IM’s, social networking sites and e-mails, communicating through letters seems to have lost its grace and finesse, with choppy sentences, misspellings and funny acronyms stealthily sneaking into our one-to-one communication. A well-written letter conveys more than words and shows how much thought and effort you have put in to get your message conveyed. Therefore, the next time you plan to write to your far-off cousin or friend, just find some time and pen a few lines and see him/her break into smile at your wonderful gesture. In addition, for all who think that correspondence is entire electronic these days, here is a write-up to remind you on how to mail a letter.

Mailing A Letter

  • Whether you are responding to an invitation request or corresponding with your associates, a letter is always called for. Moreover, when it comes to mailing by means of post, one should be all the more careful on how they go about the entire process. However, before you sign off the letter and lick your stamps, make sure you have all supplies at hand. Have the essentials like the envelope, writing pad, glue sticks and postage stamps handy so that you do not have to go hunting around the house looking for the necessary requirements.
  • Once you are done with your letter, fold it neatly and tuck it inside the envelope carefully taking care not to fold your letter. Cards and cardboard letters require bigger envelopes than regular sized ones. So, make sure you pick the right sized cover for your letter. Close the envelope and seal it with a glue stick.
  • Jot down the addressee’s information carefully on the front of the envelope with the sender’s information on the upper left corner of the envelope. Make sure to include both the first and last name of the recipient. Start with addressing the full name of the recipient, followed by the complete and correct address, street name, apartment number, etc. Also, do not forget to add the name of the city, state and the PIN code. Write your full name and complete address on the upper left corner.
  • Take a postal stamp and affix it on the upper right corner of a regular sized envelope. You can use the glue stick to paste the stamp on the envelope. Drop the letter in a mailbox and your letter will be on its way. However, if you have an urgent mail to send, then you can go to the postal office and look for speedy services for fast delivery of your letter. These special speed delivery services require special charges. So, ensure that you get the formalities done before mailing off your letter.
Mailing a letter requires careful detailing. So, make sure you get the work done in a proper way to save your letter from getting lost or reaching the wrong door. This article on how to mail a letter should save you from committing blunders and ensure that your letter reaches the right address.

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