Want to invite a lot of people in less space? Have an open house party which is fun and casual. Get some ideas on how to host an open house party in the most perfect way.

Open House Party

An open house party is a kind of a party in which a specified number of hours are set. In these set hours, guest can come, enjoy and leave as desired. Open house party is very easy to plan. They are the best if you want to invite too many people in less space. These parties are more informal than any other. Traditionally planned in lieu of a housewarming ceremony, open house party today can be held for almost any occasion or celebration. The party is casual by nature and becomes quite an enjoyable experience for both the guests and hosts. Open house parties are typically easier to plan and host. In the following lines, we have mentioned ideas as to how to plan an open house party.
Open House Party Ideas
  • Time is the first factor to decide. An open house party is generally best in the afternoon, as it can run between several hours depending on the number of people you are inviting.
  • Decide on the invitation. If the gathering is not very large, then you can have a simple print out of the details of the open house party. You can also put it on the social networking site. If the party is at the big grounds for business clienteles, go for flyers and advertisements. 
  • Next decide on the number of people who are likely to turn up for the party. Study your space. The space should be larger enough to make so many people gather together. Also it should allow people to comfortably socialize and have refreshments.
  • According to the number of people, decide the venue. The venue that you select should be easily reachable by the people. Also, it should also be decided keeping in mind the weather conditions. For example, selecting an open space for rainy season is bad idea. The place should be comfortable enough to allow the guests to enjoy both the weather and the party.
  • Check if the venue has enough space for parking. Clear your guests about the parking rules and where it is available. Mentioning the same in the invite is a good idea. If the cars will occupy a lot of space on the road, then a prior notice of the same should be given to the neighbors. For a large gathering, you can rent a parking lot or take up the option of valet parking.
  • Look for the decoration. Depending on the occasion, decode the theme of the party. If you are going to host holiday open house parties, then decorate according to the season. Decorations cast the first impression of the party. They set the mood of the party and allow the guests to go delve deep into the essence of the party.
  • Decide the refreshments. Simple snacks like chips, pizzas, burgers, etc are the best for open house parties. They consume less time and are easy to serve. If you want to go for something other than this, delicious sandwiches, creamy pasta salad or fruit dish would do justice. Take care of water and other drinking beverages. For a summer open house party, go for cooler drinks, while hot tea or coffee serves as the best option for winters.
  • Assign staff for the security of the guests and to serve the guests during the party. There should be staff available at the food and beverages counter. Also, train them so that they take care of the needs of the guests and provide a good hospitality. 
With these instructions now you know how to organize an open house party. Make your next open house party the most memorable one.

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