If you plan well in advance and you know what you are doing, you can’t really go wrong with a house party. Explore this article for interesting ideas on house parties.

House Party Themes

If you like to live life on the edge, if you like to ply your wares on the fast lane, then you don’t need to go partying. You can instead bring the party and the partying right to your house. Maybe that is what house parties are all about. Maybe house parties came to be because people wanted to party with no one telling them how they should dance, what kind of music they should listen to, what kind of beverages they should drink and when the party should draw to an unwanted finish. Yes, house parties can really guarantee you all of this and maybe even more. House parties, contrary to popular belief, need not be about a bunch of people sipping on whiskey and talking about times long gone. They can instead be wild, crazy and over the top. Depending on the idea or house party theme, house parties can be compared to a train ride that is crazy and doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon! So, fasten your seat belts and read on!

House Party Ideas 

Mix-CD Party
This party theme or party idea is for music lovers, but it need not be necessarily limited only to music lovers. You can put this idea together by ensuring all your guests bring mixed CDs to the party. If you want to, you can serve alcohol too, but the party can be just as fun without alcohol. Once all the guests have arrived and the mixed CDs are all lined up, place the CDs in a bag and carefully run your hand through the contents of the bag. This is to be done to ensure that the CDs in the bag are jumbled up. Ask a random guest to pick up a CD, play it and guess who it belongs to. If the guest picks up the CD he/she brought to the party, he/she should return it to the bag and pick another one. The amount of fun that people at this party will have will be directly proportionate to how well the guests at the party know each other. 

Beer Fest
This party is purely for adults or teens just breaking into adulthood. If you are a teetotaler, you can feel free to abstain from putting this party idea into practice. A beer fest is all about ensuring your guests drink a certain amount of alcohol before they enter the house and before the party begins. This is how it works. Get two big looking guys to stand at the entrance of your house and dish out five pints of beers to the people invited to the party. Everyone drinks his or her five pints of beer before entering the house and all hell breaks loose. If your neighbors don’t mind, you can feel free to crank up the volume of the music and dance the night away. The only disadvantage of this party idea is that you may have a lot of cleaning to do the next morning, but who cares, as long as you and your friends have loads of fun while the party lasts.

ABC Party
No, this is not a party idea that will have your guests figuring out words that start off with the letters A, B and C. It, in fact, is an idea that comes with a lot more fun. ABC basically stands to represent ‘Anything But Clothes’. This doesn’t mean people come to your party in their birthday suits. It only means they come to your wearing things that cannot be classified as clothes. No pants, no shirts, no skirts, no jackets, no tops, etc. are allowed. It really is as simple as that. The success of this party idea depends on the creativity of your guests. It also depends on their willingness to shed their inhibitions and wear things they would have never have thought of has ‘party clothing’.

The Sweater Party
This one may not be as interesting as the previous idea, but it can still bring up quite a few laughs amongst the people invited. In the sweater party, your guests will have to wear the most boring, the most hideous looking or the most outrageous sweater ever, and guess what; this party is not to be held when it is brain numbingly cold outside. It in fact should be held bang in the middle of the afternoon, when it is terribly hot. Serve your guests a few chillers laced with alcohol and a good time is guaranteed.

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