Making cards is undoubtedly a fun-filled activity. Browse through this article and steal a few good card making ideas.

Card Making Ideas

Some words are better left unsaid, while some should never be forgotten. Though expressions when take the form of words are most appealing, sometimes, they can be intermingled with a few creative ideas and presented in the form of a handmade card. Irrespective of how small, plain and inexpensive a handmade card looks, it is the sentiment that counts. Note that utilizing your time and creativity to produce something visually appealing will not hurt you and will only magnify the smile on the face of the receiver. Moreover, why waste your money by buying a card from some fancy overpriced retail outlet when you can make one? Market-bought card looks too impersonal and fails to strike an emotional chord. Remember, the more effort you invest into making a card, the more is the appreciation launched in your direction. There are innumerable ideas for handmade greeting cards. Whatever be the occasion, be it your grandmother’s 90th birthday or your sister’s graduation day or your father returning home after a major surgery, you can get your hands in motion and create a card to express your heartfelt wishes. Here’s a list of ideas that will help you make striking cards for your loved ones all by yourself!
Ideas For Making Cards
Happy Birthday Cards
Whether you are an adult or kid, you can never escape the obligation of wishing a loved one on his/her birthday. And there is no better way to convey your warm sentiments and best regards than through that of a well crafted birthday card. Get all your materials and your art supplies and embrace yourself for a few hours of artistic fun! Some love sketch pens, some prefer to use glitter glue, water colors and gel pens.  As a novice card maker, techniques such as rubber stamping and decoupage might come off as strange, but are surprisingly very easy and produce fantastic results! Do not be intimidated and demoralized by the belief that art is not your forte. Just think out of the box and think of what the birthday boy/girl would most fancy! The theme card could be that of his/her zodiac sign and therefore, you could use zodiac symbols, stones or lucky numbers. You could even fold a small piece of chart paper into a tint booklet and request the special person’s family and close friends to scribble tiny messages of love and good wishes!
“Get Well Soon” Cards
How do you comfort a person that you love dearly who is presently ill or in the hospital undergoing some sort of operation? He/ She obviously isn’t in the highest of spirits, but you could cheer him/her up. Use your wild sense of imagination and add a tint of your humor that invariably cracks your friend up. Primarily, you can draw a small vial on the cover of your card that reads – “Vitamin Me” and stir up a good mood. You could draw a sad puppy with a thought balloon saying – “Life sucks without you”. You could also sketch a dark cloud that reads 'Heard you've been under the weather' and his/her favorite cartoon character below the clouding with a hand clasped around a bright umbrella saying- 'But I'll still be there for you forever!'. Be creative, ideas will flow like a river fountain!
Congratulations! Cards
So your best friend has just tied the knot or passed his/her most dreaded exam with high ranks. Whatever be the case scenario, he/she has achieved something extraordinary. It’s time to congratulate the person in style! If you master the rubber stamping or embossing techniques, scope for creating a visually appealing card doubles. However, for others, there is no reason to fret. A masterpiece is at your fingertips, if only you pour your heart into the task of stroking your paintbrush. Draw your friend standing on the tip of a mountain peak shouting – “Victory!” or if it’s a marriage, be cheesy and draw two doves kissing, each bearing a funny resemblance to the actual individual!
Baby Shower Cards
Wow! You just found out your best friend is having a baby! It’s one of the most important milestones in her life! You ought to acknowledge that! Besides, you need to ensure that the spark never extinguishes by constantly reminding the couple what they have in store for future. Start by crafting a lovely baby shower card. How about drawing four vertically arranged building blocks over which you draw the four alphabets of the word- B A B Y, in your friend’s favorite colors! You could also grab some hilarious baby shower quotes from the net and splatter them on the edges of your card. Moreover, you could create a collage of different babies. One could make a funny face, the other could be crying and so on!
This article surely inspires you to get your hands dirty with paint and commemorate everybody special to you by making a fun card. Hope you have fun while you try your hand at the creative process called card making!

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