Looking for a way to say goodbye to your colleague or friend without you reaching for the tissues? Stop bemoaning and read about exciting farewell games ideas to bid adieu to your close ones.

Farewell Party Games

After an eventful and progressive time at the school, college, or office, farewell party is an exciting yet emotional way to bid adieu to your friends or colleagues. Farewell, the word itself implies that the person who’s going away will be missed. Many of us who’ve been to a farewell party know that it is always a bitter sweet experience and it’s not always easy to disconnect someone or something that had become a part of our life until then. Although it is up to us as to whether or not we want to remain in touch/ with the person in future, a farewell party is a formal way of wishing the person all the best for his/her future endeavors and thanking him/her for the good times of the past. Does all this sound too melodramatic and somber? Know that a farewell party doesn’t have to be a sobbing affair. Instead, you can fun it up by including many playful games that will make the guest of honor (person who is departing) be all smiling and in good spirits. So, invite those closest to you and let them leave with such nostalgia that’ll be in their memories even if everything else fades away. Come make memories with these exciting ideas for going away party games.
Going Away Party Games
Hook Up A Good DJ
No party is complete without good music and a farewell party is no different. Hook up the best DJ you know, who can mix it up and play songs according to the theme of going away as well as songs to which you just want to shed all your inhibitions and dance like you’ve never before. Shake it, move it, and groove it.
Have A Dance Competition
You can pre plan this and make a list to see who can be eligible for the dance. Inform them to come prepared for the same. Or, if you don’t have time, you can throw an impromptu dance competition and include everyone. The fun would surely double up as you see people, whom you had never expected in your wildest dream, dance like MJ.
Share Memories/Give Titles
Depending on the size of the gathering (entire college/office or the ones closest to you), have a session where you share your favorite memories with the each person or try to give appropriate title to each one according to what you think of him or her. Don’t try to be sleazy and give titles that’ll make them look like dorks in front of everyone else.
Gift Sharing
A great idea for college farewell party! Depending on the size of the gathering, share gifts that’ll mean something to the person for whom the gift is. Or share goodbye cards and make personal notes on the inside about how you feel for that person and how he or she will be missed while wishing all the very best to him or her for future endeavors.
Enact/Prepare A Stage Play
Prepare a stage play and have different characters included in it from your college or office. Make a spoof with healthy mockery on the person who is leaving. Don’t go overboard or personal and make sure that the play isn’t insulting. If the party is in honor of just a single person, enact him or her in different situations and have a nice goodbye speech in the end. Don’t read it from a piece of paper. Instead, have something prepared straight from your heart, collective thoughts and wishes from everyone. Let that person know that he/she will be missed and will always be cherished for no matter where he/she is.
Bid farewell and leave with sweet memories with these exciting farewell games ideas. After all, a going-away party is all about commemorating the good times and wishing the best for future!

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