Don’t have an exciting college theme party idea? Well, stop a minute, check out these college theme party ideas, and get the fun rolling.

College Theme Party Ideas

College can be the most exciting time of your life with unlimited freedom, endless fun and a string of celebrations adding to its attraction. However, college parties do not really have to be the same old regular stuff every year. You can always spin in some extra fun and real excitement by thinking out of the box and pumping up every celebration with a new theme. Round up some creative minds, tap their brains for some high-thrill fun themes, and make the party freaks go completely nuts. College crowds just need an excuse to slip into their party mood and swivel to hip tracks. Make your college parties even more happening with some cool, crazy and creative themes and set the mood on for the party rockers. Just grab your party hats and lace up your disco shoes and head out for some real fun this college fest. However, if you cannot think of anything new and exciting, these interesting and innovative college theme party ideas should definitely set the mood and tone for your fun.
Theme Ideas For College Parties
Go Retro!
Great parties begin with great themes and college bashes aren’t any different! This party season, bring out those jelly shoes, neon pants and flannel shirts, set the Mohawk and giant bangs in place and get grooving to retro rock. Flashback to the retro era with zenon strobe lights, mirror balls, funky fixtures and retro cutouts and swirl to electronic music and enjoy the party.
Hell Scare!
Costume parties are any day a hit with young partygoers and a zombie theme party will give you guys one fabulous excuse to slip into spooky, sexy, cheesy and sometimes outright funny get-ups. Ramp up the décor with cobwebs, twigs, moss, shredded fabrics, gothic lanterns and more for spooky fun.
Whuz My Star?
Have you always dreamt of dressing up like the stars? If yes, now doll up as your favorite big screen or comic star and be a total stunner. Filmy parties have forever bagged the headlines for their pompous celebrations and hoity-toity crowd. Pep up your college celebrations with a movie, comic book or video game themed celebrations and have super fun. Just slip into the Batman avatar or gear up as Indiana Jones and have great fun.
Treasure Hunt!
Ahoy mate! Batten down the hatches with a never before kind of adventurous fun with a pirate party! Slip into your pirate costumes, lay some splintered scraps, hang some black lights, place some planks and get tons of treasure maps, treasure chests, skulls, glow swords, eye patches and pirate hats and gear up for one of the most happening college parties ever. You can also organize various treasure hunt games for some extra fun.
Light Up A Bonfire!
You must be well past the “Famous Five” or “Secret Seven” age, but a bonfire party continues to be quite a rage among party freaks. All you will need is a few logs of wood, yummy food, groovy music and a fun crowd and your party is all set to roll. For added fun, you can hire a live band to play some pulsating music to enliven the party.
College parties are perhaps the most fun celebrations of your life. Make the most of these happening events by switching on to college theme party ideas and have a real bash.

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