Add vigor and energy to your toddler’s birthday by organizing a few interesting and electrifying birthday party games. Just include these easy games in your party and watch the infants have fun.

Birthday Party Games For Toddlers

It is not just drooling over the yummy cake and pouncing on the presents that toddlers expect out of their birthday party. Toddler birthday parties are synonymous to fun and excitement. One such way to entertain the toddlers and make them blissfully happy during the party is by arranging few interesting games or activities for them. A birthday party game is something that can make even a simple birthday party a hit and an unforgettable memory for your child to cherish. This article provides you with different easy birthday party games for infants. Organize these games and make the occasion a memorable one for your kid and the guests.
Birthday Party Games For Kids
Farmhouse Experience
You can ask all the guests to carry a stuff toy of the favorite farm animal along. You can distribute stuffed animals and toys for the toddlers to play with. You can even ask the kids to have an animal parade, with a leader followed by animal movements and sounds. Play the shepherd songs to add to the fun and excitement. The food that you provide can also be cut or made in shapes of farm animals, such as hen, goat, cow and so on.
ABC Party
English alphabets can also become your toddler’s birthday party theme and keep the guests engaged. You can decorate the table with ABC blocks and hang big paper letters on the walls. Supply the little scholars with lots of crayons or washable markers and place an empty sheet of paper on the table and let the kids scribble their inscription. You can also make the kids sing the ABC song to end the memorable day.
Musical Chairs
Musical chair is the classical birthday party game which has been successfully entertaining kids since ages. A couple of chairs, a CD player and some upbeat music is what is required to leave the toddlers happily engaged in the company of their alike. All you have to do is to arrange the chairs back-to-back, and have the kids stand just outside the circle. Start the music and make the kids walk in a clockwise direction around the chairs. Once the music stops, the kids are supposed to grab a chair. The child who‘s left without a chair is out of the game. Each time you would have to reduce one chair. At the last, the kid who manages to get the last chair is declared the winner.
The game of fishing calls in for a bit of creativity on your part. All you need to do is to create a fishing pond with the help of a small cardboard. Make sure that you decorate the cardboard with paints or markers by coloring waves and fishes on the sides. You need to purchase a few inexpensive toys to be the fishes in the pond for your toddler and the guests. Hide behind the cardboard and attach a ‘fish’ to the fishing pole of the toddlers, which will be their candy. Let the little masters know they have caught a fish. This will be fun doing with toddlers who will jump with pride and happiness with every success.
Toy Walk
Toy walk is similar a game to cake walk, in which instead of a cake you can give inexpensive toys as prizes. Mark squares or circles with numbers or animal pictures and place these on the floor. Instruct the kids to continue walking until the music stops. Once the music stops, pull out a number or an animal’s picture out of a jar. The number or the picture you show wins. Make sure that you play the game for a longer time for all the kids to get a chance to win.

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