Bunco is a dice game played usually at parties or at tournaments. If you don’t know how to play bunco, then hurry up and learn the rules for this fun and highly addictive game here in this piece.

How To Play Bunco

Bunco is a dice game where players take turns to roll the dice trying to accumulate points to win each round. The game was formerly known as ‘8-Dice Cloth’ and has been played since the 18th century. Bunco is a fun game and its main goal is to help people socialize. However, many people prefer to gamble in bunco and play  small sums at stake. The game has pretty straightforward rules and is easy to learn. To play this game, a minimum of four people are required, although, in general, bunco is played with 12 people divided in three groups consisting of four people each. The game requires three tables and each group sits at one table. The game is played using three dice, a large fuzzy die and bunco score sheets. The game can be played both indoors and outdoors.  To learn more about the rules of this game, steer through the sections that follow. 

Rules For Playing Bunco

Beginning The Game
Before you start playing bunco, select a person who will act as the scorekeeper of the game. The person should be provided with a table tally sheet, a score sheet, and a pen. The scorekeeper will be responsible for managing and calculating the score of each person throughout the six rounds of the game. Before the game begins, all the players have to predetermine a sequence of three numbers that if rolled by a player should get the large fuzzy dice. The numbers can be anything between one and six. While the game is on, the person who rolls the three predetermined numbers together earns the large fuzzy die. After completing all the six rounds, the person who holds the large fuzzy die will earn bonus points.

The Gameplay
Start playing with the scorekeeper. Each player will roll three dice trying to roll the number indicated by what round is being played. For example, in round one all players will try to roll one, in round two all players will try to roll two, and so on. A player gets a point for each die that matches the number of the round played. For example, in round one if a player rolls a one, one, and three, the player gets two points. Similarly, in round three if a player rolls, one, two, and four, he doesn’t score anything. The players turn continues until he/she does not roll a number that matches the round he/she is on. The player then passes the dice to his/her left. This continues until someone scores 21 points. The game then proceeds to the next round. This way, there will be six rounds in total. In any round if a player rolls all the three dice that match the number they are on, he/she gets 21 points and that round ends. For example, in round two, if a player rolls three twos, he/she gets 21 points. This is also known as “bunco”. At the end of the six rounds, the person who has won the maximum number of rounds is declared the winner. If there is a tie between two players, the tie is broken by looking at the amount of bunco’s rolled.

Now that you are familiar with how to play bunco, invite your friends and have loads of fun playing this exciting game. Also, don’t forget to have plenty of snacks and drinks available during the game.

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