Want to make it to your school or college’s football team? Then, knowing how to throw a football perfectly should be the first thing that should be on your mind. Learn the art of throwing a football.

How To Throw A Football

You’re at your college football game. The game has suddenly opened up with just about a few minutes to go and the opposition just scored another goal right at the end that gives them one final chance to steal the game away from under your feet. The pulse rates are pounding hard. The crowd holds its breath and waits in anticipation as the cornerback just made a direct throw to the quarterback. The quarterback tries to make his way to the goal post, fending off the opposition. The cheerleaders stop midway in their routine and watch in silence. The quarterback has somehow managed to leave behind the opposition’s players running after him and is making a sprint like a bolt of lightning and takes the football past the line and it’s a goal! What a victory for your college! The whole crowd is on its feet and starts to applause, including you. While you are all elated and happy about the victory, does the feeling of sadness engulf you suddenly for not making it to the team? The whole crowd is ecstatic, but you’re thinking how did that cornerback manage to throw the football right into the hands of the quarterback with such precision, when you couldn’t even manage to reach the position right next to you, during team selections? Because throwing a football isn’t as easy as throwing a Frisbee, it requires a combination of proper grip, stance, and strong upper bodied and lower bodied muscles. Continue reading to know how to throw a football. Practice the tips mentioned herein and make it to your college team the next season itself.
Throwing A Football
Open Up
Don’t try to throw the ball with stiff and sore muscles, as you might end up making them stiffer and sorer. Do a few minutes of warm up exercising and running around the field to open yourself up before you start to make those throws.
Grip the ball. Don’t grab at it and at the same time, don’t hold it like you’ve been given a bomb to dispose off. The best way is to grip it in a way that comes naturally to you. This would help the ball go far, without your muscles and fingers getting sore. Although the correct way to hold a ball is by putting your fingers on the lace of the ball, so that it doesn’t slip away and falls into your own lap when you make a throw. Make sure you grip it with gaps between your each finger. Remember, holding it like a duck will result in a duck!
For you to throw the ball like that cornerback did, you have to have a proper stance or standing position, which doesn’t strain your muscles, but makes them relaxed and built up instead. Don’t stand with feet joined together or you’ll trip and make yourself the star of America’s Funny Videos. Stand with enough gap between your feet, facing the recipient of your throw. Put most of the weight on your back leg as that will give you much needed leverage. When you think you’ve positioned yourself perfectly, go for the throw. All this should not take more than a fraction of second. Don’t take too much time getting comfortable as someone from the opposition will be running towards you and your recipient, like a raging bull.
While throwing, lift your elbows above your shoulders and shift your weight from your back leg to the forward leg, as this will provide you with a much-needed momentum to throw the ball. Feel that zippiness in your palm when the ball leaves your hand. Don’t just use your shoulder weight. Instead, put your whole body behind the throw to make it a perfect one.
Follow Through
After you’ve thrown the ball, don’t stop your follow through abruptly, as it may cause some cramp or an injury to the surface. Let your follow through complete the hard work done by you till now. Let it finish naturally without you having to stop it. A proper follow through is as important as warming up before getting to throw.
With these fundamentals of how to throw a football under your belly, all you need to do is practice and practice. Switch yourself from being an amateur to a pro and watch the spectators clap for you relentlessly, as you stand right there in the middle of the field!

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