Looking to divert from the clichéd “I do” to an adventurous “WooHoo I do”? Read about these unique wedding ideas that are sure to give you an adrenalin rush when you take each other as your partner.

Unique Wedding Ideas

There are those people who stick to the traditional ways of getting married in an order of church-ceremony-marriage-reception. And then there are those, who defy every tradition and order there is, and leave the people belonging to the former school of thought flabbergasted, watching as if some psychic activity is being performed under open sky. But you have to hand it over to the creative ones for defying the norms and coming out with some unusual ideas of getting married, that are in no manner derogatory to the sanctity of marriage. Who said if it isn’t traditional, it isn’t right? The formal meaning of traditional itself is “A specific practice of long standing”, long and not “the correct”. You can go off the charts of being traditional and still have an equally legitimate and an intimate wedding that will set the ball rolling for an equally exciting married life. So, continue reading if you too belong to the latter category and are looking for exciting and unique wedding ideas to sweep your loved one off the feet and jolt everyone else out of their senses.
Unique And Fun Wedding Ideas
Straight From The Movies

If the two of you are a movie buff, then it is almost certain that there might be a few or at least one favorite that both of you watch in sickness and in health, when you’re happy and sad; that pleasures your senses to the very core every time the two of you sit to watch it and leaves you longing for more. And if whatever we have said above makes sense to you or looks like your own story then what are you waiting for? Have a wedding straight out of your favorite movie brought out to life.

For instance, if the two of you are head over heels with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, then you have the theme right in your hand. Have a wedding venue beautifully decorated just like The Shire, Hobbiton, while people dressed as Hobbits, and other legendary characters like Gandalf The Grey, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Arwen and Eowyn. Store wine in wooden drums with taps and place pipe weeds at strategic locations for people who smoke. For a musical touch, play country music or original soundtrack from the movie. It’s best to plan such a wedding at countryside with lots of open fields.

You get the picture right, don’t you? It can be any of your favorite movies from superhero genre (Superman, Spider Man, Batman, Ironman) to horror (Evil Dead, Dawn Of The Dead) to romantic (Wedding Planner, Father Of The Bride, Runaway Bride) to fantasy and science fiction (Avatar, Harry Potter, Matrix, Pirates Of The Caribbeans, Lord Of The Rings) to mythical (Gladiator, 300, Troy etc.). Remember, you just need a good costume designer and a wedding planner with a creative bent of mind. 

Crazy Adventures
If you’re a sucker for adventure and thrills; and if that’s the thing that turns on your partner too, then go have one adventure of a wedding. There are tons of ideas to choose from:-
  • Underwater Wedding - Put on your scuba diving equipment and get married underwater, no kidding! Places like Thailand and Bali offers underwater marriage experience with white wedding dresses, tuxedos, waterproof marriage certificates and even pens that write underwater.
  • Hot Air Balloon Wedding - Get married in the air on a hot air balloon. There’re many places in US that offer full wedding service right in the middle of the air on a hot air balloon.
  • Isolated Wedding - Get married in the most isolated, but exotic places in the world like on a small island, desert, or a tropical rainforest. Of course, you will have to convince your Officiant and the guests that you won’t leave them stranded there and will pay for their expenses.
  • Other examples of getting married in a unique way would be on a yacht or boat, on a fighter jet (if guts permit), in Disney World or some other adventure park, or on top of a high-rise building like Burj Khalifa or some other building.
Attired Weddings
  • Thanksgiving Attire - Dress up as Native Americans and plan a wedding either in Mexico or anywhere you find convenient. Celebrate with thanksgiving food and music.
  • Christmas Attire - If getting married around Christmas, fly up to Jerusalem and dress up as Jews from 2000 years back. Bake bread and have fine alcohol.
  • Halloween Attire - If getting married around or on Halloween, dress up as any character and ask the guests to dress up too. Serve wine in half skulls made of plastic and have food that is made to look gross but tastes rather good.
  • Sports Attire - Dress up according to your favorite sport star and have the wedding planned inside the stadium or arena (if you have close contacts, otherwise have it in normal hall or garden)
  • Rock Attire - If rock music is your thing, dress up as rock stars and have heavy metal music played in the background while take your wedding vows like a rock star (out and loud through a mike).
  • Other examples are punk or gothic look, only if it fascinates you. You can also go for army, navy, or air force uniforms if you are from defense services and have a wedding ceremony right in the middle of the runway, inside a submarine/naval ship, or in the middle of a fake battleground.
With these unique ideas for weddings, begin your new life with one crazy adventure that will set the tone for an equally adventurous married life in the years to come.

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