Hardflip is a brave stunt performed on a skateboard. With the simple trick given in this article, learn how to do a hardflip.

How To Do A Hardflip

Hardflip, a stunt done on skateboard, is a combination of frontside pop and kick flip. The intricacy in the trick makes hardflip a difficult stunt to perform on the skateboard. It requires extra practice, apart from the knowledge of the basic kick flip. You should attempt a hardflip in such a way that the board is set in a motion that is more between the legs than underneath the feet. While doing it, you should ensure that you have maintained the required gap between your feet. Learn how to do a hardflip, with the tricks given in the following lines.
Trick To Do Hardflip On Skateboard
Method 1 
  • Place one foot on the front side and the rear foot on the tip tail of the skateboard. Hold this position and roll forward. Make sure your front foot is positioned at the same angle, as you normally would have it for a kickflip.
  • To pop the skateboard upwards, slide your front foot slightly closer towards the middle of the board. While doing this, kick your back foot down on the tail. By positioning your torso at 45 degrees away from your nose, turn your board in mid-air.
  • Flip the board by pulling your feet up. Take efforts to jump as straight as you can. Pop the rear of the skateboard as hard as possible.
  • Catch the board with your front foot, at 90 degree. To get back to the standing position, straighten the board, land and stretch your legs.
  • Roll away, by positioning yourself on the center of the skateboard. 
Method 2 
  • The first step would be to place your rear foot on the tip of the tail. However, make sure that it is slightly closer to the heelside.
  • Make sure that your front foot should have the same angle as you normally would have it for a kickflip. This would help you move your front foot slightly closer towards the middle of the board.
  • Next, facing your torso about 45 degrees away from the nose, pop the rear of the board as hard as you can.
  • In this technique, your front foot should make a kickflip motion. You would have to put more effort to get it right.
  • Now, just jump straight up almost as hard as you can and catch the board with your front foot, bringing your rear foot back in.
  • Just land and roll away.
  • Congratulations, you have mastered the art!! 
  • Make sure you have mastered the frontflip, before attempting this one.
  • Make enough room between your legs, so that the skateboard passes through easily.
  • The 'spin' created in the skateboard will depend upon how closer you place your rear foot towards the heel side.
  • At the time of kicking your front foot, you need to make room between your legs for the board to pass through.
  • You need to jump as high as you can, while trying to do a hardflip.

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