Depending on how you are willing to look at it, cake toppers can be a lot of fun. Breeze through this article for exciting and refreshing ideas on funny cake toppers.

Funny Cake Toppers

Do you know what a cake topper is? Well, cake toppers are those decorative items you see on cakes and these cake toppers are mostly always present on wedding cakes. However, to really add sugar, spice and everything nice to an occasion, it is important to fool around with cake toppers. This becomes that much more important when the occasion in question is a wedding. It also becomes that much more fun because you really can never out run out of crazily humorous ideas when it comes to toppers for wedding cakes. Most of the ideas on cake toppers that are to follow are all wedding oriented. Why is this so? Well, this is mostly so because cake toppers are really best when used at weddings, but this does not mean they cannot be used to celebrate other occasions that grace the life of almost every individual. Read on to gain access to a handful of ideas on funny cake toppers, most of them being cake topper ideas for wedding cakes.

Humorous Cake Toppers
  • This is an idea that shouldn’t really be taken seriously, because if it is taken seriously then chances are that it may lead to quite a number of complications. This idea can be put together by writing in large the words ‘Still Shopping’ on your wedding cake. Right next to those words, a figurine of a groom looking extra shocked can be placed. This really makes for quite a humorous idea and it’s pretty obvious that most people think so too.
  • If you happen to know someone who has just delivered a pair of twins or someone who has just had triplets, a great way of saying congratulations is by doing the same by using the strength in numbers. What is this strength in numbers? It’s pretty simple really. If you are getting a cake ready for someone who has just had twins, you can get a confectionary ‘Congratulations’ done twice and if you are getting a cake for someone who has just had triplets you can get a ‘Congratulations’ done thrice.
  • If the groom in question is a slob of sorts and loves the couch more than anything else in the world, right there you have an idea for a cake topping. You can put this idea together by creating a couch and having a fat groom figurine sitting on it with chips and beer, while the bride looks on with anger and disgust. As long as the people involved in this cake idea have a great sense of humor, you are guaranteed to create quite a few laughs with this cake topping idea!
  • A lasso can be used pretty well when it comes to toppings for wedding cakes. If the previous idea saw the joke on the bride, this one will see the joke on the groom. Here, you can have a figurine of the bride throwing out a lasso at the figurine of the groom. The lasso should land right around the groom’s leg and the groom should look like he is being dragged into marriage by his wife-to-be! Now, wouldn’t this make for quite a funny cake topping? Well, it sure would.
  • If the couple involved is fun loving and you know that for a fact, you can go right ahead and get the figurine of the bride and the groom to sit on a toy bike and place it all on top of the wedding cake. This idea, in spite of it being a slightly clichéd one can without a question of doubt make for quite an exciting cake topping idea.

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