A delightfully bedecked cake can add joy to any occasion. Click on the link to read more on how you can go about decorating a cake.

How To Decorate A Cake

Have you ever thought of decorating a cake? You don’t have to wait for a special occasion like a wedding or a party to bake and decorate one. It can be an anniversary cake, birthday cake or even merely a cake that you like eating with friends and family on a weekend. A delightfully bedecked cake can add glee to any occasion. It is that delicate touch that will be loved by everyone present, even by those who are keeping a tab on their waistlines.  There is absolutely no limit to how artistic a cake decoration can be. A well decorated cake is not only a sight to behold, it's also a creative expression in its own right. It only calls for a little imagination and patience. So, the next time you bake a cake and want to adorn it beautifully, the following tips will lend a hand in doing so.
Steps For Decorating A Cake
Making The Icing
You have the liberty of using any type of icing. This also includes readymade icing from your local supermarket. Blend the icing with a rubber spatula or an electric mixer (set the mixer on the lowest speed). You can add milk or water to weaken the icing as desired. It should stretch to about a fourth of an inch from its surface to your icing-dipped finger tip when lifted up out from the mixture, after it is properly weakened. Once ready, place a small amount of the mixture in a separate container.
Leveling the Cake
With a long, slim knife, even out the cake's top by cutting away any uneven roundness. This will provide you with a level surface on which you can easily place your decorations. Measure the sides of the cake with a ruler. In this way you'll be cutting off even amounts. Slice the left over section horizontally into halves (measuring and marking the sides again), and place the top layer aside. You will now have two similarly sized layers with flat tops. Now place the bottom half of the cake on a cardboard round or a serving dish.
Assemble An Icing Bag
Garnishing or decorating bags come in a variety of models. Once you have one, insert the coupler. You have the option of not using a coupler. However, by using one, you can keep your decorating details stable.
Pour In The Icing
Once your decorating bag or cone is ready, you can proceed by filling half of it with the icing mixture. Don't fill too much icing into the bag, or you run the risk of having icing on your face instead of the cake! Coil the bag closed just above the icing. This will push the mixture down toward the tip of the cone. Now, using the round tip of the cone or decorating bag, press a thick border of icing along the top rim of the bottom layer of the halved cake. This rim will prevent any future filling from trickling out from the side of the cake once it's put together. When you have finished covering the entire ridge, go on and put the filling right in over the central portions. Remember to start filling in at the center of the cake and work your way out toward the border. Be generous and fill in a nice, thick layer. When you're done with this, you can hoist the plain top half of cake onto the iced top of the bottom layer of halved cake. Now refrigerate the cake for 15 to 20 minutes.
Icing On The Cake
The cake has to have two more layers that you will need to ice. The first layer is called the "crumb" layer and is a bottom coat. To cover the crumb layer, use a bendy rubber spatula and spread the icing mixture you kept in the separate container over the entire cake. You need to start with the sides and then move on to the top. Get rid of any remaining frosting left in the small bowl. Allow this bottom coat to dry for at least 20 minutes before moving on to the next layer. Repeat the same procedure till the entire cake is covered with icing. Once you are done with this, even out the icing on the cake's top with a long, flat spatula.
Creating Borders
Borders add chic and style to an otherwise ordinary cake. You can use the same decorating bag or cone by holding it firmly at a 45-degree angle, with the base of its twisted top sandwiched between your thumb and forefinger. Press some frosting out, moving the bag horizontally. Continue pressing and releasing in this manner to create a uniform line of shells identical in form and size. You need to do this to both the top and bottom edges of the cake. Once you are done with this, you will have a full evenly iced cake.
Final Touches
You can use edible flowers like roses, violets and marigolds which are available in different colors to embellish the cake as you like. Edible petals and leaves are also available in supermarkets to be used appropriately. Don’t be scared of trying different permutations and combinations while decorating this tasty treat.

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