A well decorated cake is a feast to the eyes and the stomach. Click here to learn more on cake decorating ideas.

Cake Decorating Ideas

The sweet aroma of chocolate and butter is sure to put your olfactory senses to the test. Cakes are an inevitable part of any celebration, be it Christmas or a birthday or a wedding. Whatever be the occasion, it is difficult to hold back your eyes from inclining towards that delectable cake. A well decorated cake is more than enough to fill your heart and your stomach alike.. But decorating a cake is not a piece of cake as many believe. For the decoration to be impressive, everything from cake making to sugar topping should be done with perfection. So the next time you see marvelous masterpieces in the form of cakes, do not feel inhibited in giving it a try. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you decorate cakes in the event of you deciding to try it at home.
Easy Cake Decorating Ideas
How To Ice The Cake
  • For a smooth finish, cool the cake first and smoothen the frosting over it. The consistency of the frosting should be correct; neither should it be too thick nor too thin. If the frosting is well prepared it will spread more easily providing a finer finish.
  • After applying the first coat of icing, refrigerate the cake.  
  • Make use of an icing spatula for icing the top layer. Remember to freeze the spatula before using it. Take a good amount of icing and pile it on the middle of top of the cake. Starting from the middle spread the icing to all directions evenly. Once the top of the cake is done with the icing, cover the sides of the cake. In order to even the sides, hold the spatula straight up with its edge against the cake while spinning the plate on which cake is kept.
  • You might not get an even icing at the first try, but as the saying goes, “practice makes a man perfect.”
Simple Cake Decorating Ideas
  • Keep the decorations simple by dusting the cake with powdered sugar. If you want it in any specific design, you can make use of a stencil.
  • Use candy flowers and letters, satin ribbons, sprinkles and small toys to decorating cakes.
  • If you want to give it a tasty appeal, sugar candies, nuts, shredded coconut, chocolate shavings will make wonderful toppings. Even fresh fruits can be considered for decorating the cake. 
Some Useful Tips
  • Avoid using butter as greasing material as it can result in a damp, clammy bottom for cake.
  • Use a correct amount of water or oil, or else the cake will not rise.
  • Cool the cake completely before you start decorating it. Make sure that the icing ring of the cake is half an inch from the border of the cake. In this way you can fill the gap with any custard or fresh fruits.
  • Always make a top and bottom border to give the cake a complete look.

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