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Aquarius Traits

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It is considered a positive and masculine sign. People born under this sign believe in ideal situations and ways to achieve them. This sign is ruled by the planet Saturn and co ruled by Uranus. People born between January 21 and February 19 fall under this zodiac sign. The zodiac element of the Aquarius sun sign is air. Aquarians are good thinkers, as air represents movement. They have a good command over languages and are excellent communicators. Aquarians have a strong will power and are idealistic in nature. A typical Aquarian will exhibit two types of personalities, a gentle and tolerant one and the other one a realist and energetic kind. They are outgoing and show enthusiasm in undertaking new events and projects. They work towards making their surroundings a better place to live in. Aquarius is co- ruled by Uranus which symbolizes unconvential and exclusive things in life. As a key planet of this sign, it motivates you to revolt against social injustice and fight for freedom of expression. Read on to know more about the personality traits of Aquarians.

Personality Traits Of Aquarius
Personality Traits Of An Aquarian Man
  • An Aquarian male is confident, loyal, adventurous and affectionate.
  • He is people friendly, and extrovert in nature.
  • He is a visionary, introspective and motivates others to take dynamic projects.
  • He is good at making friends.
  • He might show hesitancy in undertaking any new project, but once he gets involved, he works hard to achieve the goal.
  • He does not believe in sharing his problems with others and tends to hide his worries.
  • He is very stubborn in nature and rarely agrees to other’s new ideas and thoughts.
  • When in relationship he proves to be a caring lover.
  • He is an emotional person but not good in expressing his emotions. 
Personality Traits Of An Aquarian Woman
  • A lady Aquarian is strong, honest, independent and beautiful.
  • If you want to win her love, give her freedom.
  • She prefers to follow her own rules and regulations.
  • She doesn’t get influenced by others easily.
  • She has a tendency to get demoralized effortlessly. If something goes wrong with any venture she does not show any enthusiasm in finishing the work.
  • She gives more importance to position and status than money.
  • In a relationship she proves to be a faithful partner. She is very trustworthy and open minded.
  • She can forgive easily but cannot forget any hurt in life. She will remember it throughout her life.
  • Aquarian women are intelligent, devoted, caring lover and make a good life partner. 
General Traits Of Aquarians
  • Aquarians have good communication skills. 
  • They are affable in nature.
  • An Aquarian can be an idealist and sometimes impractical.
  • Their wants and desires change frequently and at times they are tactless. 
Strengths And Likes Of Aquarians
  • The diverse ways of looking at things.
  • They like fame and love themselves.
  • They believe in maintaining their privacy.
  • They are dreamers and believe in change.
  • They are more fond of fame and status than money. 
Weaknesses And Dislikes
  • They have an attitude of “know it all” and generally do not take others ideas and objectives considerately.
  • They at times take things for granted.
  • They are not good in expressing emotions and feelings.
  • They show off and spend money senselessly.

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