The greatest virtue of human life is to think and act accordingly. This is what makes humans ‘civilized’ animals. Let’s see how personality development books help us stick to the label.

Personality Development Books

The emergence of the techno savvy man from the tree swinging ape is not an outcome of some magic wand. It has been a long and educative journey for human civilization to gain its current identity. Inquisitiveness and aspiration to come out with the best have been man’s supporting pillars throughout the path of development in socio-economic- and political spheres of life. But, more than these, the self-development of man has been a crucial and more important one. It is man’s personality that gives him/her the power to excel in all the other fields of development. It is like rising of the phoenix from its ash, the personal development of a man; learning through experiences with lots of writing and rewriting taking place at every stage of life! Personal development is nothing but self-realization and gaining maturity and a rational outlook with every new experience. There are a number of ways and measures for one to choose from in order to master the art of personality development. One of the methods is books written on this subject providing guidelines and tips to help the people get closer in understanding ‘self’. Benefits of some such popular personality development books are discussed below along with their brief summaries.
Popular Personality Development Books
31 Mantras For Personality Development
Abhishek Thakore
It is a well known fact that living in the present moment is the secret to a happy life. But, leading your life based on this whole idea gets a bit difficult because of the practical problems of life. ‘31 Mantras for Personality Development’, will teach you to apply this particular formula in real life by providing you with practical tips and techniques to live each moment of the day to the fullest. By the simple expedient of making you follow one step in a day, the book takes you forward to becoming a better, more successful, happy and satisfied person. Unlike other books on the topic, the tips provided in this book are both practical and practicable, and these steps are capable of transforming a person into a new person in 31 days.
The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives
David Riklan
This book is a life-changing, powerful and inspiring collection of the lives of great personalities. Each chapter in the book exposes you to a life story of a new person, revealing the secrets of how these gurus travelled through their path to success. This book also introduces you to the core belief of success of these gurus and their definition of success. The book also suggests and recommends some great ways to start on quickly and will guide you to relate to the program/s most suited to your needs. The ‘Top 101 Experts’ will help you set your goals, find your purpose in life, improve your relationships, improve your skills and lead a happy life.
Personality Development; Transform Yourself
Rajiv K. Mishra
This book by Rajiv K. Mishra is a book of techniques to know, improve and develop the most important attribute of a person: his/her personality. The book has been written in simple and clear language, for people to relate to it easily. The book provides time-tested, simple to follow techniques and guidelines that will help you develop into a confident and successful personality.
The Power Of Charisma
Race Kale
This book teaches you to mold yourself into a powerful, pleasing and charismatic personality. The book also provides a report on the success story of the most popular personalities who grew from scratch into dynamic people. By resorting to this book, you can also learn the secrets of personal power often shown by politicians, media personalities and movie stars. This book is a remarkable and inspirational report on the power of charisma.
Personality Plus
Florence Littauer
Florence Littauer, in this book, provides you an insight for appreciating your own personality. She gives a personality profile test in her book that reveals how your unique blend of traits affects your emotions, work performance and relationships. Personality plus, with the help of straight forward explanations and a few humorous accounts, guides you to improve your strengths and correct your weaknesses. This book also provides keys for you to understand the people you come in contact with better. It is a book that makes it easier for you to accept the different traits that make everyone different and unique. This book is a tool that will help you change your life and the one who you care about, for the good.
Personality Development
S. K. P. Selvam
This book on personality development by S.K.P. Selvam brings forth a very important aspect, i.e. ‘motivation’. The book is based on the simple idea that success in any field, whether it be work, education, art or science, depends mainly on a person’s motivation to excel in the particular field. The book covers a wide range of issues like the psychological basis of motivation, types of motivation, inhibitory factors and ways to stimulate motivation.
You'll See It When You Believe It
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Through this bestselling book, Dr. Dyer has put forward the importance and power of the human mind and the various thought processes that get generated. Our thoughts carry us to places that have no boundaries and no limitations. In the book, Dr. Dyer emphasizes on the importance of self-realization beyond self-help. This book will take you on a journey to activate your mind and to put forward the ways in which we can transform our lives using our thoughts in a constructive way. Success depends on the thought, the focus on the thought and the belief to live the thought in reality. This book is an inspirational work, which, using witty language, examples and a humorous tone, forces an individual to think and visualize and explore the path to personal transformation.
The Little Book Of Personal Development
Tony Nutley
‘The Little Book…’ is a great, concise and helpful book with practical ideas to keep you inspired and get going. It is a motivational piece of work written in lucid language, which makes a reader want to get back to the pages to find out the answers. This book provides you the boost you need at times of depression and despondency. The book is a perfect work to motivate and instill confidence in those who stop believing in themselves.
How To Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People
Dale Carnegie
The book, as the name suggests, is a confidence pill that will make you forget all the apprehensions and fears and move forward in life with belief in oneself. Dale Carnegie has put together his years of experience as a business trainer in this book and has tried to focus on communication skills as an important aspect of a good personality. This book will make you a confident and fearless speaker.
Human Development
Grace J. Craig And Don Baucum
This book takes a chronological approach to human development by combining together many disciplines and providing an up-to-date presentation of key questions, topics and controversies related to life. The book focuses on complex and changing cultures and attributes these cultural changes to personal and personality development. It focuses on the growth and development of personality in infancy, toddlerhood, early and middle childhood, adolescence and all other stages of human life.
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway
Susan Jeffers
This book offers readers help to unclean their misconceptions about fear and replace them with attitudes of strength and conviction. The book emphasizes positive thinking and eradication of fears that cause hindrances to the personal development of a person.

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