Certain foods tend to burn body fats more efficiently than others. Scroll the article to know the foods that burn body fat.

Foods That Burn Body Fat

An oft-repeated adage goes like this “it takes an iron to cut another iron”. So, when it comes to burning body fat, which is the direct result of unhealthy food, the solution is also food. This does not mean that the pounds of weight that you have accumulated because of binging on junk can be reduced by the very same greasy and junk foods. The answer is far less mouthwatering. To burn fat efficiently, you should completely overhaul the type of foods that you eat and go on a healthy organic diet. In this also you should know that though all organic and healthy foods help in reducing fat to an extent, there are some specific foods which are more capable of burning body fat. If you develop a diet that consists more of such fat-burning foods, you will have no trouble getting rid of those extra tons of fats. Of course, exercise and complete elimination of junk food is also a prerequisite, if you want to continue shedding weight. Some of the most efficient fat burning foods are listed in the article below. Read further to know what such foods those burn body fats are.

Fat Burning Foods

  • All types of fruits are healthy for the body, but fruits rich in vitamin C burn the body fat efficiently.
  • Citrus fruits, guava, papaya, tomatoes and the like are rich not only in vitamin C, but also in fibers that help the body process fat faster.
  • These fruits also stimulate the carnitine amino acids, which are responsible for stimulating the body’s fat burning capacity.
  • The reason vitamin C is so effective in burning the fat is because it helps in releasing the fat by diluting it.
  • Another fruit that is very effective in burning fat is apples. Apple contains pectin which restricts the cell from absorbing fat. Pectin also encourages the cell to absorb water from the food consumed, which leads to the release of fat deposits. Apples also contain antioxidants that prevent excess belly fat.
  • Oatmeal provides the body with nutrition and also helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the blood. This is because oatmeal is rich in fiber, which flushes the unhealthy digestive acids out of the body.
  • Unflavored and unsweetened oatmeal is the best way to utilize its fat burning properties. For the best effect, take oatmeal with the fat-burning fruits.
Fiber Rich Foods
  • Foods which are rich in fiber are very efficient in helping the body lose fat. Though fiber does not burn the fat directly, it helps in the lesser intake of calories, which leads to efficient fat burning.
  • Beans, carrots, maize and other complex carbohydrates are rich in fiber. Such foods also keep the stomach fuller for a longer duration, thereby lessening the craving for more food.
Spicy Foods
  • Hot and spicy foods stimulate the body to burn more fat. Spicy foods release a chemical in the body that increases the metabolism.
  • Though spicy foods act for a short while, if taken regularly, it becomes the most effective fat-burning food. In addition, one can eat as much spicy food as one wishes, without the danger of putting on fat.
Dairy Products
  • Calcium rich dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese stimulate the fat breakdown in cells.
  • Studies have shown that calorie restricted dairy products can double the rate of fat loss.
Other Fat Burning Foods
  • Curry leaves reduce the fat deposits by flushing out toxins.
  • Cardamom and green tea stimulates the metabolism which helps in burning fat.

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