Have you recently turned vegan? Though it was your own wish, you still find it hard to avoid those freshly baked cakes and brownies? Don’t worry, for we present you egg substitutes especially for you.

Vegan Egg Substitute

Before we get to the core of the article, one simple question —  do you know what vegan is? No, it is not a short form of vegetarian. Being vegan stands for avoiding non-human animal products completely. No eggs, no milk and not even honey. In fact, no wearing of silk, fur and wool also, since these are made from animal. Now that you know what being vegan is, let’s get to the core. More and more people these days are turning towards veganism, some for health benefits and others by choice. However, is turning veganism the end to eating those lovely baked products which you so much enjoyed once upon a time? We would say no more these days. Egg in baking is used not for the flavor but for improving the texture of the mixture before baking, to make the mixture concentrated and also add a bit of color to it. The most important use of egg in baking is probably its raising quality, and it is this quality that one has to keep in mind, while searching for a replacement for egg in baking. Moreover, it is not only the vegans who opt for egg free baked products these days, non-vegetarians are also getting equally conscious about the fat and cholesterol levels in their bodies and are fast moving away from eggs. Here are some suggestions of egg substitutes for the vegans (and the non vegans too). 
Vegan Egg Replacement
Banana With Applesauce
Smashed banana mixed with applesauce is a perfect replacement for eggs in baking. Using this mixture for baking purpose will add to the thickness of your batter. The mixture is widely used in the preparation of muffin, pancakes and certain types of breads. However, if you want the raising qualities of egg, you will have to use baking powder along with banana and applesauce.
Soya Yoghurt
Soya yoghurt has the properties of making a batter dense and thick and also helps in increasing the moisture. But yet again, soya yoghurt cannot be used if you are looking for something fluffy and raised. Plain and flavored varieties of soya yoghurt are available in the market.
Both the silken and regular varieties of tofu can be used as replacements for eggs in baking dishes. It is said that tofu has the same taste as that of boiled eggs and is therefore often used in dishes like egg salads and frittata. Using condiments such as mustard and turmeric with tofu in egg salads and frittatas will give you the same taste as the original dish. Again, silken tofu when mixed with other liquids gives a creamy mixture which has properties of raising the thickness of a batter.
Ground Flaxseed
Mix ground flaxseeds with water to get a paste that has properties of egg. This paste is often used in recipes such as pancakes muffins and also biscuits. It is said that ground flaxseed mixed in water will give a nutty feeling and taste to the dish you prepare and this is precisely why you can use it for making biscuits.
Boiled Potato
Mashed boiled potatoes can work effectively as a binding agent in several dishes. Though it does not have the raising and thickening qualities that are present in eggs, potatoes are often substituted in many baked dishes.
Chickpea Flour
Commonly referred to as ‘besan’ in the Eastern world, chickpea flour is very effective in increasing the concentration in any recipe. It is normally used at home, while making pasta. However, chickpea flour has a strong flavor of its own and if not cooked well may alter the flavor of the dish in which it is used.
For all the vegans, you can use these products as effective replacements of eggs in your baking dishes.

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