Are you dazzled by the edible arrangements shown in food shows, magazines and food festivals? Want to make your own one? This article could really help you in this regard.

How To Make Edible Arrangements

You are invited for a wedding party, but you don’t feel like attending it. Nevertheless, you know how big the day is for the hosts and don’t want to make them unhappy. So, you end up being a part of their celebration. As you walk into the venue, your eyes dazzle with the bright beaming lights and illuminations contracting your cornea. Wishing the couple the best in life and congratulating the hosts, you walk towards where the tables are laid and instantly, you are mesmerised by the lavish dinner table with eye-catching floral and fruit arrangements. Amused by the pictorial treat, you go near to check if these arrangements are real and not any plastic showpieces. To your utmost surprise, you realize that they are real fruits and flowers. You can’t stop yourself from admiring the skills of the creator who has made such a fine artistic arrangement. You hesitate to touch those edible arrangements as you fear spoiling their beautiful placement. But just then, a small kid comes up to the table, picks up his desired fruit piece and walks away. Overcoming your hesitation, you take a piece from the basket and pop it inside. Hmm… comes the sound as you immerse yourself in the rich taste of the fruit. No sooner than you finish munching on the delight that you decide that you want these edible arrangements and the creator for your next weekend party. You call the host and enquire a little about these edible arrangements and the costs associated with it. You find it quite expensive to buy professionally made arrangements and decide to make your own one. But you are a little confused as to how to start and what the edible arrangement should look like. First things first, note that making edible arrangements is not difficult at all. Just few fresh fruits and flowers plus a little creativity from your side is all you need to create dazzling edible arrangements. Here are listed few tips that will help you in making edible arrangements.
Making Edible Arrangements
Things Required
  • Fresh Exotic Fruit
  • Container, to hold the fruit in
  • Florist Foam
  • Wood Skewer Sticks
  • Sharp Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Cellophane
  • First, cut the fruits in desired shapes and sizes. You can easily cut any fruit you like but the recommended ones are honeydew melon, strawberries, grapes, fresh pineapple, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Avoid fruits that turn black or leak over. Try cutting fruits in different shapes like stars, triangles or circles.
  • To make it more tasty or creative, you can try dipping some of the fruits in melted chocolate. Strawberries and pineapple are the preferred ones. After dipping them in chocolates, you can harden them by placing them in refrigerator.
  • Next step includes arranging the fruits on wooden skewers. Now place the florist foam in the container. The container can be of any size depending upon your choice. You can use a basket as an alternative to container.
  • Now it is the time to use a little more creativity. Stick the skewers into the florist foam. Try to arrange them as neatly as you would have done had you been arranging flowers in a basket. Maintain a balance and proportion in design. Remain attentive so that the colors of the fruits blend well with each other. Also try to create different levels while sticking skewers. It will help in creating an illusion of sorts and bring about a balance in the design.
  • Fill in the visible bare gaps by large pieces of melon. These pieces can also be used to hide the skewers. You can also place some twigs of parsley or mint in-between the skewers. The greenery would fill in the bouquet, hide the skewers and make the arrangement look more natural.
  • Place a sheet of cellophane over the arrangement of fruits. Use a shade that doesn’t block the visibility of fruits. Attach a contrasting ribbon to decorate it.
  • You can add a card to make it special. Your beautiful arrangement is ready. Now you can use it as a party centerpiece in the party or gift it to a special friend.
  • Wash fruits thoroughly before using or cutting them. Also, make sure that the basket or the container you are using is clean.
  • While choosing fruits, choose ones which look presentable even after some time. Avoid using fruits like apples which mottle easily. Keep the cover of the apples intact if you are using them in your arrangement.
  • Be careful to use these arrangements within 48 hours otherwise it will not remain fresh and crisp. You can refrigerate the arrangement until you are ready to present it.
As you have learned to make beautiful edible arrangements, dazzle your guests and friends with your creativity!

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