Do you love the idea of decorating your home with flowers? Read on to get some tips on how to make flower arrangements!

How To Make Flower Arrangements

Are you expecting friends for dinner, and would like to add finesse to the dinner table? Or is it a close friends wedding and you are responsible for making that banquet as pleasing to the eye as possible! Flowers most definitely will do the trick! Flowers from times immemorial have been used to grace all the important occasions in one’s life. The best part being they are the most economical of choices. Those wonderful, colorful gifts of nature that seem to speak a thousand words make every occasion all the more worthwhile. If you have one such occasion just round the corner and would want to say it with flowers, then here are a few tips on how to make flower arrangements. It isn’t as tough as you perceive it to be. The tips given in the following lines should get you started in no time.
Making Flower Arrangements
  • The occasion plays a very important role. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that an occasion pretty much dictates the décor. For instance, if it is a funeral, it goes without saying that the décor needs to more somber and reflective of the mood. However, if it is the wedding day, then be prepared for a riot of colors donning the wedding venue.  Thus, determining the occasion for which you are making the flower arrangement would be the first step.
  • Next, if you are looking at preserving the arrangement for a long time, then you can always use artificial flowers. Artificial flowers need low maintenance and are generally used when you are not game on spending moolahs for the natural ones.
  • Did you know that the flowers you use can be point of dispute? Flower symbolism needs to be followed to avoid any faux pas.
  • Now, that you have determined the occasion, the choice between natural and artificial and the flower type, it is time to pick the flowers. In case, you are going for the natural ones, make sure you get fresh ones from the best flower boutique. For the artificial ones, make sure they are not crammed and look natural.
  • At the time of choosing the flowers, make sure that you keep the arrangement in mind. For instance, if you are planning a triangular arrangement, it will mean shorter flowers at the bottom and long stemmed flowers at the top. Therefore, you need to pick flowers accordingly.
  • Along with flowers, a touch of foliage can not only add some contrast in terms of color, but can also help fill in the gaps. Adding foliage also makes it economical, as they are considerably cheaper than flowers. If you are keen on adding an unusual touch, you can also add candles, fruits and ribbons. If you are on a home decorating spurge, colors of the season can reflect in your arrangement. Pick fresh spring flowers and use appropriate foliage to give your decoration a fresh look.
  • Once you have picked the flowers and the foliage, the next thing to pick would be the vases. Based on where you would like to place the arrangement and how elaborate you want the arrangement to be, you can pick your vase. To begin with, start with small vases with no complex shapes, as they are easier to handle and fill. There is no harm in looking beyond vases when picking the container. You can also use glass bowls, cookie jars and pen stands, in case you are not too keen on investing on the vase.
  • Next on the list is the floral foam. Floral foams are available at your local florists’ shop and can be cut into any size based on the shape of your container. After cutting it, soak it in water, so that your flowers stay fresh.
  • While arranging the flowers, make sure you cut the stems with a sharp knife. A sharp cut would give the flowers a sharp edge thereby allowing water to enter the flower stems. A ragged edge inhibits water and food absorption, making the flowers to fade away faster.
  • Once you have arranged the flowers in a desired pattern, don’t think that the job is done. You need to check the water level; lest the flowers die or weary out before the first guest comes in. The risk of over watering should also be on your mind while watering the flower arrangement. Once this done, your flower arrangement is ready to welcome the guests.
  • A last word for you - be proud of your hard work. Your flower arrangement need not be perfect. It is hard to imitate one that you saw in the magazine or a flower shop. But that does not, by any means imply that your flower arrangement is not good. Remember, flowers can never go wrong and so does flower arrangements.   

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