Give your gifts that extra special touch with a perfect bow. Learn how to make a perfect bow by navigating through this article.

Tie A Perfect Bow

Gifts are synonymous to any occasion. Be it your best friend’s wedding, your parents’ 50th anniversary, your nephew’s first birthday, your cousin’s baby shower, or your colleague’s engagement, a function is incomplete without gift giving. While presenting a beautiful and useful gift wrapped in a neat and attractive wrapping paper will do the trick, adding some trinkets and ornaments to it will highlight your gift amongst the crowd, and make it appear extremely attractive. However, purchasing expensive charms just to adorn the gift is not possible for everyone. Now, are you wondering what to do to adorn the gift? Go for bows. Tie a pretty bow on the gift and lend your gift that extra touch of creativity. But this is not all. Tying a perfect bow, especially on gift packages, is not an easy task for each one of us. But do not fear. Right from a simple classic bow to a striking one, we bring you different ways to make a wonderful bow. Read on.
How To Make A Perfect Bow
Method 1
  • Take a piece of ribbon of your choice measuring 12 inches.
  • Using both your hands, make two loops and hold each one in one hand.
  • Cross the right loop over the left loop.
  • Fold the right loop down and pass it through the center opening created by forming the two loops. Pull the loop slightly and firmly but not very tightly.
  • Turn the bow upside down to get the loops of the bow on top.
  • Fiddle with the bow until you get the perfect bow, adjusting the loops to get the right size and smoothing out any wrinkles so formed. If you find the bow to be advancing into a wrong direction, correct it.
  • Once you have got the right size and shape of the bow, pull the loops to tighten the bow.
  • Cut decorative notches in the tips of the bow tails.
  • You can attach the bow to gift packages or other things using double-sided tape.
Method 2
  • Place your box to be wrapped on the ribbon. Make sure that one end of the ribbon is slightly longer than the other.
  • Wrap the ribbon along the length of the box.
  • On reaching the center of the box, cross the two ends of the ribbon.
  • Wrap the longer piece along the width of the box.
  • Tie a single knot where the two ends meet.
  • Place your thumb on the center to hold the knot and make two evenly-sized loops on each side of the ribbon center.
  • Cross the right loop over the left one and thread the right loop behind the left one.
  • Bring the right loop under the left loop and pull it through the opening.
  • Pull the two loops to form a neat bow.
  • Adjust the loops and tails to get a perfectly tied bow.
  • Trim the tails and notch, if required.
Method 3
  • Wrap a piece of ribbon around the package and tie a knot.
  • Leaving a few inches of ribbon on each side, cut off the ends.
  • Take a long piece of ribbon and fold in accordion-style (overlapping the ribbon over each other) with four loops on each side.
  • Cut diagonally into the center of the fold about 1/3 inches on each side.
  • Place the folded ribbon on the ribbon knot of the package.
  • Using the ends of the ribbon on the package, tie a knot into the diagonal ends.
  • Fluff up the loops to get a large-looped bow.
With this, you have three different ways to tie a perfect bow. Go ahead and make your gifts and presents decorative and presentable!

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