Check out some interesting and funky kids craft ideas.

How To Make A Tote

With an old pair of denim jeans and a sewing machine, you can go about making a nice tote bag at home only. Learn how to make a tote bag with the directions given in this article.

How To Make A Fake Puke

Do you want to know how to make a fake puke? If yes, then go through the recipe and explore the best way of making fake puke.

How To Make A Sheep Costume

Making homemade sheep costume is a fairly simple task and economical as well. Go through this article and find instructions on how to make a sheep costume.

How To Make A Plaster Mask

Making a plaster mask is easy and less time consuming. Explore the article and learn how to make a plaster face mask.

Music Crafts For Preschoolers

Preschool musical instrument crafts can be made using the materials that can be easily found at home. In this article, we have provided guidance on making music crafts for preschoolers.

How To Make Slime For Kids

One of the simplest methods of making slime is to use cornstarch as the main ingredient. Go through this recipe and learn how to make homemade slime for kids.

Homemade Silly Putty

Homemade silly putty is quite cheap and as enjoyable to play with, as a market bought one. Go through this article and know how to make your own homemade silly putty.

How To Tie A Decorative Bow

If you want to make decorative bows on your own, the instructions given in this article will be perfect for you. Go through this article and know how to tie a decorative bow.

How To Make Invisible Ink

Invisible ink is a good way to keep your message secret. Are you looking for recipes for making invisible ink? Go through the article, to know how to make invisible ink.

How To Build Igloo Model

Igloo models are fun to make. Go through the article, to learn how to build your own igloo model, in a few easy steps.

How To Build A Homemade Flute

Making flutes at home is a simple task. Go through the article, to get some instructions on how to build a homemade flute.

How To Make Pine Wreath

Making your own pine cone wreath is very easy if you follow the instructions provided in this article. Read on to get information on how to make pine wreath.

How To Make Puffy Bows

It is very easy to tie big puffy bows at home, because such bows require less time and materials. In this article, you will learn how to make puffy bows.

How To Make A Collage

If you want to make your own collage, the instructions provided in this article will come handy. Read on to explore information on how to make a collage.

How To Make A Parachute

Making homemade toy parachutes out of a small cloth, say a scarf, is very easy. In this article, we have given the directions on how to make a parachute at home.

How To Make Cherry Bombs

Homemade cherry bomb costs very less as compared to a market-bought one. Go through this article and find instructions on how to make cherry bombs.

How To Make A Balloon Arch

Making a balloon arch is fairly simple and does not cost too much. Go through this article and get complete instructions on how to make a balloon arch.

How To Make A Dracula Costume

Making Dracula costumes for Halloween party is all about combining wit and charm to scare people. Read on to know how to make a Dracula costume.

Magic Wand Crafts For Kids

As far as crafts for kids are concerned, magic wand seems to be the most favorite option. With this article, you will get instructions on how to make a magic wand.

How To Make Balloon Animals

Making balloon animals for children is a fun and interesting project. Go through the article to know how to make balloon animals at home.

Homemade Musical Instruments

Making homemade musical instruments is a fun and inexpensive project. Read the article to know how to make musical instruments.

Homemade Dollhouses

Homemade dollhouses are cheap, easy to make and as attractive as the shop-bought ones. Explore this article and learn how to build a dollhouse.

How To Make A Lampshade

Making your own lampshade at home is very easy and cost effective as well. Check out tips on how to make a lampshade at home.

How To Do Graffiti

Are you interested in knowing how to do graffiti? If your answer is yes, go through this article and find tips on how to create/draw your own graffiti.

How To Make Traditional Pottery

Handmade traditional pottery not only satisfies your creative side, but also makes a wonderful gift. Go through the article, to find tips and steps on how to make traditional pottery.

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