If you want to make your own collage, the instructions provided in this article will come handy. Read on to explore information on how to make a collage.

How To Make A Collage

A collage can be described as an artwork, in which pieces from different things are brought together to give them an entirely new and different meaning. It is mainly a form a visual art, though the term is used in context of some musical and literary works as well. Pablo Picasso was one of many great artists who made collages of their work. A collage is, more often than not, the expression of a person's individuality. Apart from being a creative endeavor, it is also a fun and easy process. In the following lines, we will provide you instructions on how to make a collage.
Making A Collage 
  • First of all, you need to collect materials for your collage. They may range from scraps of paper and magazine clippings to photographs and fabrics.
  • For items that you are not able to get hold of, make use of your own creativity. You can paint, draw, stamp, or stencil in-between the various items that you are using for your collage.
  • Next, you will be required to make the base for your collage. You can make use of flat paper or poster board for the purpose.
  • Decide on the background for your collage. It can be of a plain color or comprise of a page from a magazine or book, a large photograph or a page of text.
  • Start preparing the base for your collage. First cut it to the desired size and shape and then add decorations or embellishments, if you want any.
  • In order to cut out pieces, from magazines, newspapers, and the like, for your collage, make use of scissors or an X-acto knife. Try to cut out unusual shapes. Play with round and straight edges, regular and irregular shapes.
  • While you can use scissors for cutting most of the items, try tearing a few of them as well. The rough, random edges will lend a unique character to your collage.
  • If you want to add phrases to your collage and are not interested in writing yourself, cut out words or letters from a variety of sources
  • Now, you can start making your collage. You can either arrange the entire collage first and glue them or go on pasting items as you please, following a spontaneous approach.
  • When you apply glue on any item, press it down carefully, but firmly. Thereafter, using your fingers, rub it flat, from the inside to the edges.
  • Now, let the collage dry completely. Depending upon the size of the collage and the glue(s) used, the drying process may take anywhere from a few hours to a day.
  • Finally, it is the time to add finishing touches. You can apply a thin layer of paint, write something, stamp over parts, add textures or use embellishments, like fabric, beads, beans, rings, etc.
  • Your collage is ready! 
Some Tips 
  • The items used for making a collage can comprise of images, text, solid colors, or a mixture of all of them.
  • While making a collage, you can use a cutting mat. It helps protect table and make smooth cuts.
  • Make use of objects like string, beads, feathers and fabric for decorating your collage or adding a different dimension to it.
  • Unusual materials, like sandpaper, blurry photographs, rice, seeds and wire, can lend a unique look to your collage.
  • While taking a picture, from newspaper, magazine or the like, you can cut out the whole of it or just an identifiable part.

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