Nothing speaks volumes about your love than a birthday gift that is unique and personal. Gifting a photo collage can be the best bet. Read on for more photo collage ideas for birthday.

Birthday Collage Ideas

Wish to surprise your dear ones with a birthday gift that they will cherish forever? If yes, then gifting them something that is personal and close to their heart might work. How about surprising them with a picture collage that captures some of the best memories? Photographs are personal and no gift could be more unique and personal than a collage created from cherished photographs. Collages are thoughtful ways of telling your loved ones how much they mean and is indeed one of the best gifting options for birthdays. So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab the old photos illustrating some of the best moments in their life and put them together. You can create a collage of some of their personal moments, some crazy wild memories or anything thoughtful to get that smile on. If you are toying with the idea of gifting a collage to your grandpa or girlfriend, checking out the few collage ideas given below may tap your creativity. Read on for more.
Photo Collage Ideas For Birthdays
  • What better way to celebrate a day as special as a birthday with a unique gift which wraps up all the happy moments of life in one single frame. If you are planning to gift your sibling, close friend or folks a birthday gift which they are going to cherish forever, try surprising them with a collage that includes several pics taken over the years. You can ask other friends or family members to help you grab the best, craziest, and funniest of pics and fix them up together in one single frame and get your birthday boy/girl beaming with joy.
  • Nothing can be more touching for your grandparents and even your parents than to own a gift that takes them down the memory lane once again. So, in case you are wondering what to gift your grandpa on his 80th birthday, just hit the old photo albums tucked away in the corner of your house and get hold of old loving pics depicting his childhood, fun moments, family gatherings and more. Put them in a beautiful frame and earn all the wows.
  • If you are planning to gift a collage and hunting for ideas, try doing it a little differently. Instead of using pictures of the person and his close ones, you can create an assortment of photos depicting their favorite foods, snacks, and drinks, places they long to visit, cars they wish to own etc. This is sure to bring in tears of happiness in their eyes, showing them how much you really care for them.
  • If your friend is hooked to photography, gifting him a collage that has a huge assortment of some of his best clicks compiled with those of other great photographers can win you a big hug. Just dig into his closet for his best photos and ask your other photographer friends to contribute and sum up a collage that is going to be just ‘picture perfect’.
  • Plan to surprise your girlfriend this birthday! Just grab hold of all the cute little precious clicks of the moments spent together and arrange them in a cool background.The best kind of birthday gift is indeed a personal gift, and what better gift for your sweetheart than a photo collage from memorable photos? A custom made collage from photos is a gift that lasts forever. You can frill it up with little hearts, ribbons or anything she finds cute and surprise her. She will love you for it.

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