If you want to learn cursive writing, then this article is just perfect for you. Go through it and get tips on how to write cursive.

How To Write Cursive

Cursive writing is an advanced form of writing, following certain specific styles and formations. The term has been derived from a Latin word carsivus, meaning “flowing”. Usually when you write in cursive, the letters in a word are connected and make a word in one single complex stroke, with the only exceptions being Hebrew cursive and Roman cursive. Mostly, children are taught cursive writing in school, in their second or third grade only. Writing perfectly in cursive is indeed an art and can be obtained through regular practice. Cursive handwriting has a different appeal of its own. In case you have forgotten how to write in cursive and are looking for tips to help you in reviving it, the following tips will prove useful.
Learn Cursive Writing 
  • First of all, you need to study the cursive alphabets. Take an alphabet book, which has both the uppercase and lower case letters in cursive. See how each and every letter curves.
  • If you look properly, you can see that each letter has a particular spot where it starts and ends. Start practicing the letters, one by one. Begin with the lowercase first.
  • It is not necessary for you to go in a series from a to b to c and so on, in the initial stages. You can also go from the easier cursive formation to the harder one as well. 
  • Now, write the cursive letters in alphabetical order, going from a to b to c, to the last letter, z. Practice writing the letters in a way that they are made in one solid stroke. This is necessary, because if you take the pencil away from the paper, a gap will be formed in the letter. This will give an uneven look to the letter.
  • Once you are done with the lower case letters, start with the upper case. Follow the same steps as above.
  • Practice writing the letters till you can write them without thinking. Once you achieve this stage, you are ready to move on to the next stage of writing words in cursive.
  • When writing words in cursive, begin with smaller words and then gradually move on to longer and difficult words. Take care that the letters remain connected, when you write them together.
  • Once you have mastered individual words in cursive, it is the time to practice writing small sentences.
  • With time, move on to larger sentences. You can practice by coping poems or writing a letter to a friend in cursive. You can also copy a paragraph and learn more on how to write in cursive. 
  • By now, you have learnt how to write in cursive. Now, remember to practice it on a regular basis. 
  • Start writing with pencils initially. Once you have learned the technique, you can try writing with a pen as well.
  • Take the help of a friend or mentor who is proficient in cursive writing. They would provide you a very good support.
  • Always practice to write neatly and legibly. Good handwriting can take you a long way in your life.

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